Sophie Turner Revealed Sansa Stark's Fate After 'Game Of Thrones'

Well Game Of Thrones, it seems we find ourselves back in the squared circle once again.

It's safe to say that I missed you dearly and I'm happy you're back on my writing desk.

Ahh, 'Game Of Thrones'.


Oh, how I missed you, writing about your fan theories, about the possible endings to what was widely considered to be one of the best finales for a show of all time.



I wrote that wrong, lemme try again.

Oh, how I missed you, writing about your fan theories, about the possible endings to what was widely considered to be one of the worst and mishandled finales for a show of all time.

Much better.

Yes, not a lot of people liked Game Of Thrones season 8.

And while I've done my fair share of trumpeting "it was alright" in the past, absence makes the heart grow fuller of hate.



Playing devil's advocate here, but can we agree that some characters had some satisfying endings?

Like Arya, who went sailing across the sea to see what was West of Westeros?

Or Tyrion.


Who didn't die (thank goodness), outlived his good for nothing brother and sister (who got lame endings) and ended up where he belongs, on the King's council and as his hand?

Or what about Sansa!


She got to be not only the lord of Winterfell but the Queen in the North!

Seems like a logical step for someone who ended up being so... regal.

Have you ever wondered, dear readers, about what happens when the cameras stopped rolling?


Does Arya ever find out what's West?

Does Tyrion ever do more stuff with his Hand?

What about our dear old friend Sansa? Does she get married?


Does she have more Starks? Does she rule well?

Or does she just sit around getting fat and drunk like Robert Baratheon?

Good news...


We need speculate no longer, Game Of Thrones fans and true believers!

Because Sansa herself (her actor, Sophie Turner, she's not a real person like I had hoped)...

Sophie Turner told all in an interview.


She spoke with the Los Angeles Times recently and told us all how she thinks Sansa's future looked.

And she should know. After all, she was her for so many years.



What did Sophie have to say about her iconic character?

Well, it's not looking good on the "gets married and has more Starks" front, because she said she couldn't see Sansa doing that.

If you were hoping for some incredible action-packed life, then you're not living in Sophie Turner's world.


She also said that there were "no wars, no battles" in Sansa's future.

It's all very anticlimactic.


It seemed that her rule over the North goes pretty smoothly in Sophie's mind, where she just does her job and eventually she just dies of old age.

After all she has been through a lot.


So maybe a nice, peaceful and quiet life is something that this character deserves.

Heck, after all the crap she's been put through, it's what we'd hope she'd have.

What do you think?


Where do you think Sansa's journey took her after Game Of Thrones wrapped? Are you with Sophie Turner?

Or do you choose to live in a world where Sansa had babies and stuff?