15 Simple But Effective Ways To Take Care Of Ourselves

Lex Gabrielle
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Many of us find it challenging to make time in our lives for self-care and taking care of ourselves. With how busy life can get, finding time to actually do self-care routines and make time for just us seems impossible. However, doing self-care can be easier than you actually think. Doing things at the same time, or even taking small steps to get there can be truly beneficial in the long run.

Get outside in the sunshine.

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Science has shown that getting outside and going outdoors in the sunshine and in the fresh air has a lot of benefits. Even if you aren't doing too much outside, just getting those UV rays on your skin and the wind in your hair can make you feel all-around better.

Clean up the clutter.

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If you have a very cluttered and messy home, or even areas in your home, it can make you feel overwhelmed and even a little messy yourself. Taking a few moments to just sort things out and clean up the clutter in your house will clear your mind and make you feel more at ease.

Practice mindfulness and deep breathing.

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It's easy to feel overwhelmed and even a bit anxious when you have a lot of chaos going on in your life. When you take a few moments to do deep breathing exercises and practice mindfulness techniques, you can clear your mind and release the anxiety.

Try cold water.

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We usually take warm, or hot, showers when we're going to shower. However, getting in some cold water can actually jump-start your energy, and your mood. Switch to cold water for 30 seconds and let it all soak in. Cold water can release endorphins to make you feel better.

Switch to green tea.

green tea
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Instead of having coffee in the morning, you can switch to green tea. Green tea also has caffeine and can help your immune system. On top of it, it can lower your cholesterol levels, too. So, it's a win/win.

Try meditation.

Unsplash | Daniel Mingook Kim

You may not want to try meditation, or even know how to, but trying to get into meditation can be incredibly helpful to your overall mental health. Quieting your mind and taking time for yourself can release serotonin and also help you calm your nerves.

Listen to your favorite music.

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Sitting in silence can make your mind race and also make you feel as though you can't escape your thoughts. Listening to some of your favorite music can not only distract you from some of your worries, but research shows it is a total mood booster when you listen to your favorite music.

Get more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Unsplash | Katherine Chase

Getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet is important for your overall health, but also your mental health. Berries and fruits have been known to help brain health and also can help your weight and your immune system.

Grab a book and read.

Unsplash | Christin Hume

Reading may not be on the top of your priority list when it comes to overall self-care, but relaxing with a good book has been known to help boost serotonin levels and can increase your creativity and your mind.

Watch something funny.

Unsplash | Brian Lundquist

Turning on Netflix may seem like a regular experience for you, but if you watch something funny, it can benefit you a lot. Laughing can help your mood and also help your long-term lifespan. Happiness is contagious, so watch funny things with a friend, too.

Start gardening.

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

Gardening has so many benefits to your health and your mood, despite that you're getting down and dirty in the dirt. Planting and getting your hands in the soil can have tons of positive impacts on you. People who plant are generally happier.

Give back.

Unsplash | Joel Muniz

Volunteering is a great thing to do and also a fantastic way to give back to those in need. Studies show that those who volunteer are generally happier and overall feel better. Studies also show those who volunteer are overall less anxious.

Plan a trip away.

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Traveling and getting away from your current environment may be able to help increase your mood and give you perspective. Researching a new trip to take and going somewhere you have never been before can create new experiences you've never had before.

Take a nap.

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Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your health. If you're struggling to stay asleep at night, you may want to try and squeeze a nap in during the day so you can get enough hours of sleep. Even a power nap can help.

Choose a positive mantra.

Unsplash | Nick Fewings

Pick a positive mantra that you can live by. Some of them may seem a bit cheesy, but if you have a positive message you can look at when you feel the most stressed, you can remind yourself that it won't be bad forever.