18 Customer Habits That Seriously Annoy McDonald's Employees

Kasia Mikolajczak
McDonald's building and sign
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Who here loves to eat at McDonald's? I'll admit I also get the urge from time to time, especially when I smell those fries, ha, ha. But, it must be said that it's definitely not easy to be a fast food restaurant employee. They do put up with a lot, huh?

Therefore, I'm going to share with you a few things that really annoy McDonald's employees so you can stop doing them ASAP. Listen and learn.

This Huge Order

long McDonald's order
reddit | u/Sweaty_Independence

Here's the thing — McDonald's is a fast food restaurant, no? So how can you expect your order to come fast when your bill is this long? It makes no sense at all. Now the people behind you won't be able to just get their stuff and get out. Thanks a lot.

This Random Act

change on the fast food counter
reddit | u/ThyOriginal

"This customer just dumped all of her change during rush hour, she didn’t even order that amount."

Oh, okay, why not just count it out instead of making the busy employee do that for you? Does it really take that much not to be an asshole? I guess so.

This Lovely Mess

huge mess at the counter at McDonald's
reddit | u/Emotional-System-234

I really need to know something. Why do people think they can leave a huge mess when they go to a fast food restaurant? You wouldn't do that at home, so why act like this in public, huh? It's so not cool at all.

This Teenage Revenge

mess at a McDonald's table
reddit | u/IcyBlazeRB

"This is why I despise teenagers."

I don't know about you, but my parents taught me to clean up after myself. So when I see teenagers do this at a fast food restaurant, it makes me want to question their folks' parenting skills. Like seriously, WTF?

This Nasty Surprise

dollar bills drying on a fan
reddit | u/CallofRanger13

"Air drying it after spraying it with sanitizer. A customer pulled the money out of their shirt."

OMG, what? Come on? Can you at least bring a wallet with you? Pulling money out of your shirt that was pressed against your skin is definitely a no-no. Yeah, don't do that, please! Yuck!

This Breakfast Order Request

funny McDonald's request image
reddit | u/edgy_secular_memes

"Every senior at 11:01 A.M. be like."

Ha, ha! I bet this happens all the time when people show up past the breakfast serving time and act surprised when they can't get their hashbrowns, huh? Oh, well. Better luck next time. Just remember to show up early, okay?

This No-Salt Request

Funny picture regarding McDonald's customer's ordering fries with no salt
reddit | u/VampiricAcid 17

"I always end up burning my hand making no salts."

Okay, guilty as charged. I always ask for fries with no salt. But in my defense, it isn't only because I want them fresh. I also don't enjoy consuming refined salt. So if McDonald's switches to sea salt, I'll be alright with that.

And This Annoying Request

man saying "You can't be that guy."
Giphy | Hyper RPG

"ULPT: If you go to McDonald's, ask for no salt on your fries, then get a packet of salt at the window. This way you get piping hot fresh fries salted to your taste and a dirty look from the cashier."

Ha, ha, don't do that.

This Nonsense

McDonald's order on the computer screen
reddit | Reddit | u/XimenaLorena

“Sir do you mean an M&M McFlurry?”


If you ever worked at McDonald's, you can recall a similar scenario, I'm sure. The customer wants what they want even though it makes no sense at all.

This Helpful Advice

funny graphic of creatures
reddit | Reddit | u/absol2019

"Me when the customer orders a cheeseburger with no cheese and gets mad when I tell them it's cheaper to ring it in as a hamburger."

Here's the thing: I always listen to when an employee gives me a tip on how to save money. If you don't, then you only have yourself to blame. That's all I'm saying.

This Helpful Tip

woman from The Office saying "Oh, no."
Giphy | The Office

"At the drive-thru, the speaker box hears everything from when you pull up until after you drive off. If you talk crap about us, we hear it. If you are arguing with your other passengers or on the phone, we hear it."

Oh, my goodness, ha, ha.

This Order Confusion

young man holding a McDonald's drink cup
Unsplash | Daniil Onischenko

"I worked at McDonald's for two years during high school. The majority of the time, I would work at the drive-thru window. Most customers don’t know, but once we place an order, drinks are automatically poured by a machine by the window where customers pick up their food order, so if a customer goes up to the first window where they pay and tries to add more food or drinks to their order, it messes up the flow of the drive-thru because the worker at the pick-up window has to wait for the added drink to be poured by the machine."


This Customer Service Tip

Drew Barrymore saying "Thank you."
Giphy | The Drew Barrymore Show

"When someone orders extra dipping sauce, you either push the 'extra sauce' button and the sauce they want or just push the normal sauce button. When I worked the drive-thru, if a customer was polite and wanted extra sauce, I would just enter what sauce they wanted and 'forget' to charge it. If someone was rude, you bet I wouldn't hesitate to charge for extra sauce!"

Remember, always be nice.

This Tip For Coffee Lovers

hand holding McCafe coffee cup
Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"If you are rude in any way when you order a brewed coffee, you will most likely end up with decaf."

Oh, my goodness, ha, ha. So that would explain why you have that mid-morning slump, huh? I guess somebody was rude to the McDonald's employee, alright.

This Coffee Bandit

Joey from Friends looking shocked
Giphy | Friends

"My first day on the job I was told to be on the lookout for the elderly gentleman who would try to sneak around the counter and pour the entire coffee pot into his mug while everyone was too busy to stop him."

Oh, no! Say it isn't so? I can't believe somebody would do that.

These Absent-Minded Customers

big mess at a McDonald's table
reddit | Reddit | u/MrsDillagan

Again, why make such a big mess? Seriously, people. Learn how to clean up after yourselves. A fast food joint isn't a place to start dumping all your garbage. There's a bin for that very purpose so learn how to use it.

This Annoying Situation

Kaley Cuoco saying "so annoying."
Giphy | The Paley Center for Media

"I've seen grown-ass people, sometimes even elders, make and leave worse messes than this. I expect it from teens, but when 30-plus-year-old people do this it makes me wanna chase them down and ask them how they got this far in life just to act worse than a snotty teen by leaving messes."

Oh man, that's annoying AF, no?

This Gross Behavior

hand holding money
Unsplash | Jp Valery

"Had a customer hand one of my crew money covered in dried blood. It was literally flaking off of the money. They called me over and asked me what to do, and I promptly grabbed some gloves and handed it right back to the customer."

OMG, what? That's not right.

Wow, can you believe that?

woman saying "Not good enough. Let's try harder."
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Honestly, it's hard enough working at a fast food joint making minimum wage and then having to put up with annoying customers. We have to do better, people. Okay? These McDonald's employees deserve better. So let's show them some love next time you order something. It's only fair.