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Ryan Reynolds Has The Best Response To Hugh Jackman's Photo Of Them As Children

We have another chapter in the ongoing roasting battle between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Former Castmates

Jackman and Reynolds costarred in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was the first time Reynolds portrayed the character Deadpool — though in a very different style.

A "Feud" Begins

In 2015, Reynolds filmed a video of himself impersonating Jackman campaigning for sexiest man alive while in Deadpool's gross makeup. Jackman shared it on his own Instagram.

A History Of Trolling

The trolling battle continued from there. Like the time the two had fun at each other's expense on Reynolds birthday.

An Anniversary Jab

Or the time Reynolds took this jab at Jackman's very nice Tweet about his wife on their anniversary.

Finally A Truce?

In February 2019, they both posted a black and white photo of them shaking hands with an announcement that they'd called a truce and would be filming commercials for each other's companies.

Coffee And Gin

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Jackman owns Laughing Man, a fair trade coffee company he started, with all of his profits going to charity. Reynolds owns a stake in Aviation Gin.

The Fake-Out

Barely a week later, the ads were revealed, but Jackman had played dirty and the feud was back on!


Now we have a new chapter. On Thursday, Jackson tweeted this photo of him and Reynolds as kids with the caption "Brother?"

Reynolds' Response

To which Reynolds responded, "I had no idea you were such a gorgeous kid. Oh, that’s me."

An Even Better Joke

Reynolds took a much better jab on Instagram, where Jackman made the same post.

People Love It

Of course it's all in good fan and fans love the banter between these two friends.