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Great Dane Owners Are Posting Hilarious Photos To Show How Giant Their Dogs Really Are

People are sharing pictures of their gentle giants and proving that even massive dogs can be lap dogs.

Social Media Should Just Be For Dog Photos

Reddit | MovieGirl424

The internet is better with dogs in it, and folks on Reddit have been doing their part and sharing pictures of their Great Danes. Do you want a dog the size of a pony that also loves to crawl up into your lap? Great Danes may be the canines for you.

Best Friends

Reddit | merrell0

From time to time, people posting constant selfies gets annoying. Throw a Great Dane in that selfie? Please post one every day of the week.

Total Weirdos

Reddit | dunnskiis

For dogs that can look so majestic, everyone's pictures prove that they can also be giant goofballs. Surely that's not comfortable!

How Are They So Big???

Reddit | losper

Clifford The Big Red Dog is a charming children's book, but maybe there is more truth to that story than previously thought.

Big Chickens

Reddit | swade7

However, despite their giant size, it's also apparent that Great Danes are big babies. Sure, a little dog is usually packed full of attitude, but c'mon, buddy.

That's A Full Size Ball!

Reddit | virussama

This dog is clearly ready for the NBA. Put him in, coach!

He's Melting!

Reddit | Mister-Plow

It's too cute. I am officially dead from cute.

If this collection of good boys and girls doesn't send you straight to the store to stock up on dog treats, you might be dead inside.

Gentle Giants

Reddit | Wolverinedoge

Is there anything cuter than animal friendships? Answer: no, there isn't, especially if there is an insane size different between the two hairy friends.

Will You Do It For A Scooby Snack?

Snaileyho / Reddit

If you have a Great Dane and you're NOT doing this, I think something is off about you. You're not hip, you're just being anti-fun!

Thinking It's People!

1momjourney2fit / Instagram

This one is actually in motion and it's a good thing too. You need to get the full experience to see how this dog is attempting to do exercises with its owner.

Great With Kids

Reddit | mediumclay

Ok, maybe little kids with giant dogs are‚Äč the cutest thing.

Not All There

kawaiikaiju_ / Reddit

This guy just doesn't seem to be all there, like it took a knock on the head or it is just laser-focused on the things in front of it. Who knows?

You could still ride it like a horse, probably.

Peaceful Moments?

catawampushalo / Reddit

This might seem like a peaceful moment, but if you look closely you'll see that the big dog never takes its eyes off the real enemy.

Scaredy Dog

swade7 / Reddit

And this is just another to show the great size of these dogs. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the dog helped to move the couch into the house, positioned it in the corner, and then placed the coffee too to pull the room together.

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