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Russian Artist Adorably Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Characters Got Old

Lesya Guseva is a talented artist that has given fans of pop culture something to salivate over on her Instagram page.

The Russian artist has taken famous characters like The Joker and Thor, turned the clock on overdrive, and gave us a look at what they'll look like when they get older.


This version of Batman is friendly enough to get a photo taken with The Joker and seems to be able to sleep peacefully despite crime still existing on the streets.

Did Batman actually sleep? Was it during the day?


This one shows a little bit of Lesya's process and gives us a look at how The Joker is living.

He doesn't seem as friendly towards Batman and he is still a fan of the makeup.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie have seen better days, but they look great for 90. Still, you have to question the fact that they're being offered cake here.

It's just kinda cruel to a pair of mice that likely have disease all through them.

The Flash

Giving The Flash a wheelchair is dangerous. He's not reliant on his own body for speed, he uses the speed force.

So even if he is an old man, like Jay Garrick in the comics, he can jet set and motor down the road at full speed.

Someone is going to get hurt.

Wolverine / Logan

The crazy thing here is that we already got an old Logan.

He was pretty old when Hugh Jackman put the character to bed last year, so making him even older here -- cheating death -- must mean he's reaaaallllly old.


Thor's hammer is definitely good for fighting. It's tough and it can help him fly through the air, shooting lighting all over and taking care of all sorts of bad guys.

It is not going to be good for hammering a bird house.

Supergirl And Wonder Woman

Seeing Supergirl and Wonder Woman just hanging out at the park, feeding birds, all while looking like classical old ladies is a bit to get used to.

But in the end, it is perfect and what you'd hope for two characters that have died and spent years in turmoil while Batman and Superman got the spotlight.

Superman And Pocahontas

Why Superman is dancing with Pocahontas is beyond me. The presence of an IV bag on Kal-El also seems a bit of a head scratcher, but good for them getting together and having a good time.

Lois Lane has to be a little upset.

Captain America And Snow White

Captain America is wooing another Disney princess here, but his setting is a little more rainy -- and seems to be at Disneyland, which is a real Captain America place to go.

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit still singing in the club as an old vixen would be perfect for the Roger Rabbit canon.

She's supposedly had her youth taken, but she's still craving the spotlight.


Ariel being a mother with fish babies might be the most horrifying thing that happens in this peek into the future with The Little Mermaid. Yes, it makes sense, but it is still a weird one.

Plus does she give birth like a human woman or is she giving birth like a fish??

Tony Stark

Tony Stark says hey to Hugh Hefner in the first Iron Man film, so it is fitting that he turns into Hugh Hefner when he's finally too old to jump into the suit.

He'd still be effective in the suit, though.

Harley Quinn

Old Harley Quinn looks like a sweet grandma that has lived a few lives.

She's covered in tattoos, still has her old bat which has likely cracked a few skulls, and is now more worried about making cookies and baking.

Genie And Doctor Strange

Fitting that Doctor Strange would face off against Genie for all of eternity.

Strange is putting out the time loop to keep Genie playing and to ensure he wins by Genie giving up.

Although Genie could just end all existence probably...so there's that.


Storm doesn't look that much different considering she always had white hair.

But she does have a bit of a belly now, and traded in her crime-fighting for TV!


Rapunzel has found a comfortable life as a wig seller now.

She probably owns the store! Although we're hoping those suspiciously familiar wigs on the shelves are fake hair...

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

This is what true love looks like, folks.

You can try to stay young and beautiful all your life, but in the end, this is what waits for you.

Lara Croft

No matter how old she gets, Croft will apparently never be done going on adventures and making new friends!

Disney pals

An old Princess Jasmine is waiting for the vet with her pals Beauty and the Beast.

Beast is looking pretty annoyed that he can't see a normal doctor!

Mario and Peach

Looks like Mario has taken off his hat and decided to live his best life.

But Princess Peach is not having the mess that he made!


Deadpool is still up to his old ways even as an old man!

No matter what you do, you can't stop this dude from fooling around!


Cinderella traded in her palace for a small cabin?

Pretty sure the prince would have never let that happen, but an interesting take anyhow!

Aquaman and Daenerys

In the world of crossovers, this would definitely be interesting!

Fire and water colliding? Let's make it happen, Netflix!

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