Chandler Riggs Just Threw Major Shade At Carl's Death On 'The Walking Dead'

Man, is it a really sunny day out? Is there a bunch of trees everywhere? Oh jeez, no? Then why is there all this shade around?

Oh, it's just Chandler Riggs.

Alright so, could we say that Chandler Riggs is salty about Carl's death?



I mean, when you lose a part on a show that big, you're either going to be happy about the experience or salty that you got axed off.

Or, maybe you could be a little bit of both.

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That's how it feels in Chandler Riggs' case, at least.

So AMC tweets out something about Judith (Cailey Fleming) and RJ (Antony Azor), Carl's half-siblings.

Pretty much about how Judith is teaching RJ everything Carl taught her.

And this was Chandler Riggs' response:


Ooh... is... that a burn? Is he cheesed?

Or is he just having a little fun with the series, just like the people at AMC (or at least The Walking Dead's Twitter) once had fun with him?

Oh yes, you could call this a clap back.


But a minor clap back, like a good-natured "oh stop it, you" slap to the face.

Here was the first clap in the clap off, maybe we could get a clap war going soon.