A sign for a restaurant called "Sometimes... Memory origin space Maybe it's... Park.
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20 Diners Who Better Get A Good Explanation With The Bill

When you go out to a restaurant, you typically expect good service, good food, good atmosphere, and all that stuff. What you don't typically expect is anything super weird or out of place.

Whether they're complete accidents or intentional attempts at marketing, the things people found in and around the restaurants in this list are, well, super weird. I can barely wrap my own head around them.

"Painfully fancy pork rind, served on object resembling something from Midsommar."

Some kind of food set on a series of tree branches.
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Some people take plating a little too seriously if you ask me. Like, this is the weirdest and most oddly terrifying dish I've seen come out of a restaurant, probably ever.

"This restaurant just has a framed picture where a TV used to be."

A picture frame hung up in the corner of a room like a TV.
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You know what? In this economy, I'm not gonna fault a restaurant owner's strangely creative solution too much.

Then again, not investing enough in your space can be bad for business, too.

"My chicken wings were v health conscious, and so they arrived on a cycle."

A basket of chicken wings set in a miniature metal bike.
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Creative plating can be really fun. Sometimes. Most of the time, it'll just leave you scratching your head in confusion.

What does a bike have to do with anything?

"Served in a plaster cast of the chef's mouth."

A screenshot showing plaster shaped like a person's mouth with foam coming out of it. A description above the image explains that it's a cast of the restaurant owner's mouth and is intended to be licked.
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If I had to see this, then you have to, too. And I don't know about you, but this made me incredibly upset. I may never eat or drink anything with foam again.

"If the shoe fits, I’d take it…"

Food plated in a shoe in a box.
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I legit can't tell if this is some random shoe box with random food in it, or a restaurant's attempt at fancy plating. At this point neither option would surprise me that much.

"SMART Salad Bar."

An acrostic poem for the word "smart" at a salad bar that reads as follows: S Produce are grown in Georgia. M Fresh quality produce. A Choices of salads. R Choices of toppings. T It's healthy for you!"
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I think the funniest part about this awkward sign is the very bottom where they advertise a chance to win movie tickets. Like, even they knew that this sign wasn't going to give the salad bar the kind of attention they wanted.

"Apparently somebody accepted this at a bar. A for effort."

An obviously counterfeit 5 GBP bill with Kim Jong Un's face photoshopped over the Queen's.
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You do have to admit, even though this is the fakest banknote out there, the photo editing is actually... not bad? I can't believe somebody would accept that, though.

"Burger Bucket. Had to use the knife to dig it out."

A bucket with a burger and fries inside. A knife is sticking out of the open face of the burger.
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On the plus side, the food looks really good. Nothing like a nice, simple burger and fries, after all.

But... the bucket. Who thought that was a good idea?

"Pork stuff over river stones."

A basket full of food and stones.
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See, this doesn't even look that bad. It's more the fact that the stones have nothing to do with the food, and have no real purpose other than... being there.

If the Food Network's taught me anything, it's that you shouldn't put things on the plate that aren't intended to be eaten.

"Seen in a restaurant in Texas."

A painting of a couple sitting at a restaurant booth; each one's head is turned and they are looking directly outward toward the audience.
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Being stared at by some random people the next table over is pretty bad. Being stared at by random people in a painting, though? Indescribably horrible.

I'm convinced both the painting and the restaurant it's in are cursed.

"This restaurant wraps their menu around a wooden stick... there was absolutely no explanation or purpose to it."

Two wooden sticks with restaurant menus rolled around them.
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I guess this was the restaurant's attempt at being creative. But, like, I can't even begin to imagine what was going through the head of whoever thought this up.

"Taco Time's Hiring Pamphlet."

A pamphlet that reads, "people are our essential ingredient."
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Oh no. Oh noooo. They definitely didn't mean for this to come across the way it's coming across. I mean, unless they meant for it to sound like their tacos are made out of people.

"No thank you, I think I'll pass."

A series of signs that, in order, read: "Eat. Jessica's Family."
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So first, Taco time is trying to feed us its employees. Now, Jessica's trying to feed us her family? I don't know about you, but I really don't like where any of this is going.

"In the south of France."

A seafood and pasta dish served in a skillet.
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I'm really laughing at the thought of this restaurant having, like, 20 identical pans so that they can cook and serve this dish at the same time. And then what? Do they just stick the pan back on the stove when the patron's done?

"This Indian restaurant was in a basement, but wanted to created the sense that it wasn't. They created an entire wall of fake windows looking out into pictures of a parking lot."

A restaurant window where the view is actually a picture of a parking lot.
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Somehow, I'm equal parts creeped out and impressed.

"A friend of mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign. And they changed it."

A restaurant sign that reads, "to hot to cook let us cook for you." In a second photo, the sign was changed to "to hot too cook let us cook for you."
imgur | imgur

I can't tell if the person who put this sign together needs grammar school, or if they did this on purpose to annoy people.

"Alcohol being served in A PITCHER PLANT."

A screenshot showing somebody pouring liquid into a pitcher plant flower.
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I never thought I'd say this before in my life, but I feel so bad for that poor plant. I once heard that plants can feel pain, and I'm sure this one would be screaming if it could.

Somebody forgot to take the sticker off the lemon...

See, I'd be a little freaked out if somebody handed me a glass of water like this. If they left the sticker on, does that mean they even bothered to wash the lemon before sticking it in people's water...?

"Took this after lunch at the restaurant... at least the irony is delicious."

An A grade for a health inspection in a restaurant window that also has a roach standing by it.
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I mean, the irony can't be that delicious, can it? Also, I guess it's better to find it by the health inspection sign than in... I can't even finish that sentence.

"Confusing café in Korea."

The storefront for a restaurant called Sometimes... Memory origin space Maybe, it's... Park.
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I want to say this is some kind of translation error. Or, like an error when they were trying to figure out the layout for the sign. I just couldn't believe it if the café was actually called Sometimes... Memory origin space Maybe, it's... Park.