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Guy Spends Years Excavating His Basement Using Only RC Construction Toys

If you're gonna excavate your basement, might as well do it the right way: little by precious little, over the longest span of time you can. That's what a Youtuber named LilGiantsConstrCo, also known as Joe, has been up to -- for years, apparently.

The Dirt On Joe

Joe is a grain farmer and former cattle farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada, who got turned on to this remote-control hobby around 1995. He created his LilGiantsConstrCo Youtube channel in 2007, and has been digging ever since.

All the Time In the World

LilGiantsConstrCo / YouTube

One of Joe's projects has been to excavate and expand his basement, which he's done in spades -- though it's taken years. Since Joe's not under any kind of deadline, though, he uses his remote-control construction machines -- his hobby-- to do the job.

The Process Is Simple

LilGiantsConstrCo / YouTube

You can watch video of LilGiantsConstrCoproof undertaking this gargantuan task using his kid-sized, remote-control machines. Joe says he's enlarged his basement by 30 percent.

So Easy a Kid Could Do It

LilGiantsConstrCo / YouTube

Watch what happens! When the little excavator fills up the little dump truck, the truck hauls the dirt to another part of the basement, and then empties it out. Soon, the truck is back at its post to gather up some more dirt. Fun!

Someone Has To Ask

This process, of removing and moving dirt around in his basement, has taken him years. Several, long years. Why, God. Why.

Just Kill Us Now


Those who are generally impatient, impulsive people would probably feel comfortable with just ripping the toys out and using a big shovel. Or better yet, just demolish the entire house -- it would go quicker. Joe must have loads of patience.

Maybe He's the Sane One

On the other hand, the footage is relaxing to watch, probably because it is 99 percent removed from all the negative things in the world. It's just you, a machine, and some dirt.

It's Not Work If You Like Doing It

The man is drawing praise from some and incredulity from others, but this is how he, and a lot of other RC fanatics, chooses to spend his time. Who are we to criticize?

We Should All Get Time In the Sandbox

It's not an excavation in ordinary terms, but it sure seems like a hell of a lot of fun.

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