Rebel Wilson Dated 50 People In One Year: 'Not Normal'

Alicia D'Aversa
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Rebel Wilson is a movie star, but she is also one hell of a comedian. Her filmography will back me up on that: Rebel Wilson's movies are nothing short of hilarious. She is funny not only as an actress but even in her interviews. There's nothing not to love about her.

And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks that. A LOT of people want to date Rebel Wilson, considering the fact that in one year, she went on 50 dates. Yes, 50. Gives a whole new meaning to the movie Fifty First Dates.

Where 2020 was Rebel Wilson's "Year of Health", 2019 was her "Year of Love."

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Everyone knows that Rebel displayed her weight loss journey in the name of health and leading a better day-to-day lifestyle. But the year before, she was focusing a little more on her social life.

In 2019, Wilson focused on her love life.

She told the Wilson told the U Up? podcast that she went on 50 dates in a year. While to me that sounds like an absolute nightmare, I absolutely have to applaud her courage and patience to do such a thing.

"I think I went out with about 50 people in that one year, but some of them were just one date and then you think, ‘Oh, no,'" Rebel said.

Rebel Wilson standing and saying every day is hump day
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"I went on some dates with some billionaires and then also some people who had nothing,"

She added, "It was the full spectrum of people."

Rebel Wilson at the Oscars holding a mic saying "It is so glamorous."
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While she has a steady boyfriend now (I quote, she says that she is "happily in a relationship"), she decided that the only rule to have during her year of love was "say no to nobody."

But, she also believes that it's not something for everyone.

She said it was definitely "not normal", but acknowledged that it helped her figure out what she wanted in a partner and also, and maybe even more importantly, what she didn't want in a partner.

When you go on fifty dates in a year, you're bound to end up with some bad eggs.

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The same is true even for celebrities. Rebel had to lean on the FBI to help her out with one of her potential suitors. Yeah, the FBI. That's definitely not a good look.

"The last person I went out with on the app, I did get the FBI to, like, check them out, just to make sure there was, like, nothing..."

"And there was actually something in their past," Rebel said. That something was an assault charge.

And while she had a lot of bad eggs, what's important is that she has a man that she feels very good with now.

Rebel Wilson standing next to Kelly Osbourne saying: if there's one thing I'm good at judging it's a male performance
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She still isn't interested in revealing who she is dating but we don't care, so long as she's happy.

"I am now happily in a relationship… I met them at a friend's setup," she said.

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"I was on and off on the Raya app, but this was a friend setup. He had known both of us for at least five years and he thought we would hit it off -- and then we did!"

"I think that escalates things quicker, meeting someone from a trusted source."

"I can trust that they are who they say they are, which is something that you don’t really know on the apps."

I have to agree with her. There is something so nice about meeting people in person. It feels like we're getting further and further away from those real-life meetings as time goes on.

So, between her "Year of Health" and her "Year of Love", Wilson is killing it.

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She is living her best absolute life, kicking butt, taking names, and starring in some hilarious movies in between it all.

I can't wait to see what she does next!