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'Rage Yoga' Exists And It Involves Swearing And Drinking Booze To Calm You Down

Imagine yoga, beer and swearing, all wrapped up into one, and you get "rage yoga."

Yoga For Multitaskers

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It's true that a lot of us are boiling over with frustrations at the world, or our job, or just our daily lives. This form of yoga is meant to address that anger while simultaneously releasing stress.

F-Bombs Away

User Created

Maxim writes that rage yoga was founded by Lindsay Istace, and it's described as: "alternative yoga for the modern badass." "Some people need to release and let go. We are all angry about something and we all have been holding onto an ‘F’-bomb for a little bit too long," says Houston instructor Ashley Duzich.

Like Goat Yoga, Only Way, Way Angrier

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We already know there's goat yoga, where cute little goats will stand on your back while you try to do a cat pose. There's also "hot yoga," where you can stand in warrior pose while sweating out all your bodily fluids. Rage yoga is something slightly different.

Not Your Mother's Yoga

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Istace describes rage yoga as: “stretching, positional exercises and bad humour, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f—k.”

Yoga For Everyone

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The theory behind rage yoga is simple: People need to cathart in different ways, and doing some yoga poses while flipping the bird and then drinking a beer is a catharsis that works for some, apparently.


There are videos on Rage Yoga's Instagram which shows off some of the various moves in a routine. "That standing wide legged wiggly bit is something I like to call “straightjacketasana”! It’s awesome for loosening up the lower back, hips, and legs. It’s also good for when you just need a fucking hug!"

You're Gonna Have To Take a Trip and Then Rage Out

Besides an online course, right now there are only a few places where you can partake in this weird relaxing/angry atmosphere: Calgary and Edmonton in Canada, and Houston.

Bringing More Emotion Into the Mix

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There are even get-togethers after a rage yoga session - this rage yoga brunch was held in Calgary recently. From the looks of this brief video, rage yoga seems like a pretty good time.

Just Go Have a Beer

But if part of "rage yoga" “allows you to have a safe space to let go of your and frustration and rage in a healthy way" and then later, "wash it all away with some ice cold beer," couldn't you do that at home? Like go to a yoga studio and do your routine, then go home and have that beer and chill?

If You Can Afford It

Paying to "rage out" and then drink a beer seems way more costly then sitting at home and popping open a PBR. Also, there are other great ways to release tension; some are not appropriate to mention here, though.

Swear Away Household Chores

Duzich says she's heard plenty of outbursts during classes, one of which was "I told you to do the dishes!" as AskMen writes. Just think of the possibilities for the aggravations you can just finally let go of.

Why Isn't Regular Yoga Enough?

Rage Yoga instructors must complete a unique certification program along with 200 hours of yoga instructor certification. So it is a very real thing, apparently just like those other traditional yoga variations. But does that mean traditional yoga is not satisfying enough for people?

Sound Studio

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Besides letting go about daily chores that don't get done, you can rant about your job, your relationship, your kids, the environment, global warming, etc. But it's hard to believe that your gripes are going to gibe exactly with others' complaints. Doesn't all that yelling interfere with your own zen?

Important Questions

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And what happens during rage yoga, when someone rages a bit too much? Or drinks a bit too much? Is there a yogi available to cut you off in case your zen activities could actually cause others bodily harm? Are there any limits here?