Quotes For People Who Could Use A Robotic Maid Right About Now

Okay, I admit it: I'm a total clean freak.

I'm the kind of person who keeps cleaning supplies in just about every room, who keeps strict cleaning schedules, and who always seems to end up wandering over to the cleaning aisle every time they visit the supermarket.

What can I say? I love having a clean house.

Let me clarify that I don't actually enjoy the act of cleaning itself.

I'm not totally insane.

I just love the final product. And if the ends justify the means, then I guess I can labor my way through a few hours of scrubbing my shower and dusting all the ceiling fans in the house.

There's something so satisfying about collapsing down on the couch after a good, hard clean sesh.

Personally, I like to sit back, relax, and take a few moments to really admire all my efforts while enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Of course, that satisfaction really only lasts so long before I start thinking about places I forgot to clean. Then I'm back on my feet for round two.

Plus, everyone knows a clean house tragically doesn't stay that way forever.

Despite your best efforts, those counters will get sticky again, that floor will collect more crumbs, and yes, even that toilet will need another deep scrubbing.

Life is really unfair that way.

But there are a few things you can do to try and make that "pristine house" period last longer.

Like, for instance, just blocking off entire rooms from people ever using them because you know that as soon as they step foot in there, that room will turn into a disaster zone again.

Sorry everyone, but we'll be enjoying dinner in the front yard from now on.

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