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Eminem Blasts Netflix After They Cancel 'The Punisher'

The rapper made his feelings about Netflix cancelling "The Punisher" very clear.


Earlier this week, Netflix announced that it is cancelling two of its Marvel series. "The Punisher" won't return for a third season (Season 2 just started streaming), and "Jessica Jones" will also but cancelled. Its third and final season will be available soon.

End Of An Era

The cancelling of the two shows marks the end of Netflix's relationship with Marvel TV after streaming four different series over the last six years.

Eminem Is Pissed

There are probably plenty of fans of these shows that are upset to hear they're being cancelled, but perhaps none are higher profile than Eminem. He sent this tweet Wednesday night after learning the news.

'Punisher' Co-Stars Love It

Amber Rose Revah, who plays Dinah Madani on "The Punisher," was thrilled with Eminem's tweet.

Mind Blown

Floriana Lima, who plays Krista Dumont on the show, had her mind blown by this tweet and thanked Eminem.

Diss Track

Some people are already looking forward to Eminem's impending Netflix diss track.

Eminem As Frank Castle

Others are already imagining a reboot of "The Punisher" with Eminem playing Frank Castle.

An Idea!

If Em's tweet is causing Netflix's to have second thoughts, Richard Roeper has a way for the streamer to save face.

Bernthal's Response

For his part, Jon Bernthal posted this to Instagram after the news of the cancellation was made public:

To all who have served. All who know loss. All who love and understand Frank and his pain. It has been an honor to walk in his boots. I’m endlessly grateful to the comic fans and the men and women of the Armed Services and law enforcement community who Frank means so much to. Thank you to the USMC and all the wonderful soldiers who trained me. Go Hard. Be safe.

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