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Plane With Nazi Symbol Crashes Onto California Freeway, Bursts Into Flames

A vintage aircraft crashed last week onto a California highway, according to an Oct. 24 story in the Huffington Post. The pilot was not injured in the crash, which involved a vintage North American AT-6-SNJ aircraft. The plane is owned by Condor Squadron out of Van Nuys. The company often takes part in WW-II-themed events.

No one was injured after the plane hit the highway

Pilot Rob Sandberg said the engine failed, and told KABC: "I picked a spot on the freeway where I knew there was a big section of cars that weren't there." Good thinking.

Time travel, here we come!

Of course it's not true, but people on social media really want this plane crash to be some sort of time-travel event.

Gather up your war bonds, guys

The jokes referencing the U.S.'s good ol' boys ran rampant on Twitter.

Speaking of science fiction....

Perhaps The Matrix is to blame.

The runway's thataway

Perhaps the pilot simply misstook the 101 Freeway for a landing strip. It's entirely possible.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Nazis coming back makes perfect sense for 2018, since they never really left in the first place.

No word on whether this came from another dimension

People fly through the Bermuda Triangle all the time and generally emerge safe on the other side. But sure, it's possible the plane came from one of the most feared regions on earth. Possible, but not likely.

At least this close encounter ended happily

We're not sure what caused the plane to crash, but we can be fairly confident it was a simple accident and not aliens from outer space or a wormhole. Keep calm and carry on.

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