13+ Pictures That Totally Change The Way You See Everyday Things

Caitlyn Clancey 27 Jul 2019

When we see common things everyday, we become pretty used to taking these things at face value. But as soon as you change your perspective a little, everything else can drastically change, too.

Suddenly something that was once so boring or insignificant becomes brand new all over again, like we're discovering it for the first time. All it takes is a little shift in our point of view to make us see things a little differently.

Here are some unique perspectives on things you to help you change the way you see the world around you.

1. Full tummy.

Reddit | GoodGriefWhatsNext

This is an X-Ray photograph of a pregnant dog. Check out all those little puppies in there. It's a wonder they can all fit! And a wonder this mamma can still walk around with such a brood brewing in there.

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2. Reach for the sky.

Reddit | Meunderwears

This is w hat the magnificent towers of Dubai look like, poking through the clouds. This proves that these towers are absolutely massive, so massive that not even the clouds than contain them.

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3. Shoot for the moon.

Reddit | ReaganAbe

This is what the inside of a Russian astronaut's suit looks like. This is what keeps them safe and protected while exploring the final frontier to further our own scientific discoveries.

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4. Strike!


If you thought bowling balls were strictly cement or something inside then you are definitely wrong. Just check out the inner workings of a single bowling ball! What you're seeing is a weighted block that helps the ball gain the momentum it needs.

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5. Whale of a tail.

Reddit | 9w_lf9

This mega skeleton is actually the vertebrae of a whale's fin, which just goes to show how incredibly long those magnificent water creatures really are.

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6. Quaking.

Reddit | Palana

This is an aerial view of California after the most recent July earthquake, showing just how significant of a quake it really was. Check out how much the earth shifted!

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7. The secrets within.

Reddit | EnigmaticMindX

This was something I somehow didn't expect. Inside every Red Box is a jukebox-style rotating selection of discs. When you make your selection, it pulls that disc from its collection and feeds it to you through the slot.

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8. Ready to climb?

Reddit | StugotzLobos

This is a unique shot of The Great Pyramid of Giza, showing not only just how immense it is in size, but just how incredible the architecture of it all truly is.

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9. Hole in one.


This is what it looks like when golf balls are sliced in half. The different colors inside are surprising, and each one looks like its own little planet.

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10. Bones and bones.


I'm not sure about you, but I didn't expect a hedgehog's skeleton to look like this, and I especially didn't expect its quills to be like a sort of shell around its body.

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11. Paddy-cake.


This one was particularly stunning for me because I can't even remember the last time I encountered a lily pad, let alone ever thought to flip it over and see what the underside looks like. It's so intricate.

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12. Waspy.

Reddit | sverdrupian

This is what a gigantic wasp nest looks like when it has been cracked open. It's interesting to see all the intricate cavities inside there for these winged insects to live inside.

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13. Waspy Part Two.

Reddit | mydogs123

While the previous nest was huge, it was old and the bugs were gone. This one is active, but happened to be built between two layers of glass. That means you get a great look at the eggs and queen.

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14. Matinee time.

Reddit | pottrpupptpals

It may not be immediately clear, but this is what you would see if you ever got the chance to peek behind a movie screen. Despite what you might believe, it's not just a wall back there. Of course, this all depends on the theater.

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15. Bulbous.


If you've ever wondered what's going on inside that flower pot of yours, look no further. This is how your plants grow inside the confinements of a pot. Check out all those bulbs!

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16. All good things...

Reddit | daanemanz

I love discovering dog toys that take the time to acknowledge their short lifespans. Did this toy need a cute liner? No, but it lets the human enjoy a small smile as they clean up the piles of stuffing littered around the room.

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17. Ready to bloom.

Reddit | dapeetree

This is a peony bud just before it bloomed. Usually, the buds are full of ants, but there is a short period of time where they've fed on everything they can and the bud opening.

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18. A mighty wrench.

Reddit | ClownFishdaDish

We know that cargo ships are huge and have the engines to match, but we don't usually consider the tools needed to maintain them. This wrench is for bolts on the engine and requires a forklift to get into place.

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19. Humans for scale.

Reddit | glassocket

This is a road sign. It won't look nearly as big once it's up above the highway, but like traffic lights, they need to be huge in order to be readable.

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20. One big goldfish.

Reddit | fjbruzr

It's actually a myth that goldfish will only grow to match the size of their habitat. Or, mostly a myth. In a small bowl, the body will stay smaller, but the organs will continue to grow. This is why pet goldfish have much shorter lifespans than those in the wild.

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21. Mechanical marvel.

Reddit | LeePangHee

We often scoff at the cost of high-end cameras. Why should they be so expensive when our phones can take pretty good pics?

This is why.

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22. One big snail.

Reddit | mossydeerbones ​

This is the same snail with a one-year gap between pictures. We often think of snails as small, but some get quite large.

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23. Broken ball.

Reddit | hrm326

This is a broken bowling ball. It's cool to see inside, but because of the color, it also kind of looks like a giant Babybel cheese.

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24. Have a slice.

Reddit | mikeyReiach

This is a cross section of a couple of conch shells, giving us a view we don't usually get of the pretty things.

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25. Honey is an art, not a science.

Reddit | PapiSilvia

These two jars came from the same hive. The color of honey can vary depending on what flowers were available for the bees and how the honey was processed after the fact.

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26. Blue honey.

Reddit | Maddywithmdd

While some color variation is normal, you don't want to discover a whole new hue the way French beekeepers did in 2014. The bees were eating sugary, discarded M&M shells from a local Mars factory.

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27. When they say "bulk", they mean it.

Reddit | Josh72112

This is just a box of Costo-brand plastic wrap, but what makes it interesting is that it's been used by the family for 20 years.

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28. Libraries are about more than books.

Reddit | Umbraculum_99

While younger generations may laugh at the idea of needing a course in Reddit, the fact that people who are genuinely interested, but find it all overwhelming can learn for free is awesome.

Also great is that Facebook Security course.

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29. Tiger stripes.

Reddit | tyracampbellcharles

A lot of us operate under the assumption that a tiger's stripes are limited to its fur, but it turns out that those stripes actually originate on the skin below the fur, too. These cats are literally striped right down to their flesh.

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30. Wind turbines are no joke.

Reddit | TheGreatNobby

From afar, it's hard to have the perspective needed to understand the size, but up close you can see the size of the stairs and door compared to the structure.

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31. Aging money.

Reddit | LonelyClarinet

In the US, all the money depicts people long dead and doesn't get redesigned very often. But, in Commonwealth countries, the portrait of the monarch gets updated regularly to reflect their age, like with these Canadian pennies from 1976 and 1999.

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32. Ball drop.

Reddit | gibson6594

If you work in one of the office towers in Times Square, you can get an unusual view of the New Year's Eve ball. Apparently it's not a great view during the drop, though.

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33. Vertigo.

Reddit | gpinsand

This seems like a regular hallway, but it's not. It's the view down the side of a stairwell.

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34. A veiny situation.

Reddit | p.poljanski

This is what a cyclist's legs look like after competing in the Tour De France. What you're seeing is the combination of severe dehydration and exertion, creating a perfect storm for protruding veins and arteries.

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