15 Photos That Will Make People Feel All Warm Inside

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Noémi Macavei-Katócz

Life can be really hard and really stressful at times. There are some days when we just need a good pick-me-up. Seeing touching stories or seeing photos of adorable fur babies can truly be the small token that we need in order to make us all feel a little bit better.

If you're having a rough day, these photos are guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This son is a gem.

Losing our parents can be very hard. When our kids have to watch us grieve and suffer, they can also be impacted. This son is clearly a true gem knowing his mom may need someone to comfort her in the middle of the night.

Who doesn't love a little surprise?

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There's nothing better than commuting on the train and getting a little surprise during your trip. Everyone can use a little puppy friend to smile and wag its tail at them on the way home from work.

Best friends.

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The Reddit user shared that they had gotten a kitten as a surprise for their brother for his birthday. But, their dog must have thought it was his birthday and that the kitten was for him. Best friends overnight!

High school isn't like the movies sometimes.

There is always the perception that high school can be really bad, and cruel, and kids can be truly mean. However, there are stories like this one, where the popular kids in school treat a kid with special needs kindly that can change how you feel about high school.

He just wants to come!

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Have you ever wondered how your pets feel when you are leaving for work? This kitten showcases that sometimes, our fur babies just want to jump into our bags and come with us for our day.

Some things manifest.

They say that you should always manifest your dreams and believe they can come true no matter what. This boy proves that this is true. As a child in the system, he knew he would own his own home.

Some doctors change lives.

Some doctors defy the odds and won't take no for an answer. They don't listen to the naysayers or the ones who say that there is no hope. And, they are the ones who go on to change lives for the better.

Dogs need babies.

Cute Pictures
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Some parents worry about their dogs around newborns when they are bringing a baby into the world. However, what can end up happening is that the dog just can't get enough of the new baby in the house. They need to cuddle with them and dote on them constantly.

You never know how much you can change someone's day.

When you work your job every day doing the same thing, you never stop to think that you could be truly impacting someone and changing their life. Even hairdressers don't realize how much their job does for some people.

This moment is just too moving.

Any parent who loses a child suffers pain unlike any other. Deciding to donate their organs to save other children's lives is an incredibly selfless act. This moment where the family thanks the father is truly priceless and has my eyes stinging with tears.

The simple things in life.

Many people reach an age where they enjoy simpler things in life—even if they are unique and different. Getting to experience something like this probably made her entire day—or year, and she'll always remember it.

Remote learning can be fun.

Pandemic teaching and remote learning doesn't have to be so bad all of the time. When you have teachers like this, who want to spread joy and love and show off their cats—well, what can be better than that?

We love a comeback story.

No matter where you go in life, you can always pick yourself up and start over again. It's never too late to change your path, especially when you are doing it for the better and to better yourself.

It's in the genes.

While it may seem silly, this is an adorable way to document three generations of napping and family love. Maybe sleepy women just run in their blood, but it's simple and adorable of her husband to capture.

Full circle.

Things in life coming full circle do not happen very often, but when they do, it's a miracle to see. This doctor saved a woman 28 years ago after he was told not to, and now gets the honor of delivering her first child. Wow.