17+ People Who Are Out For Revenge

Paddy Clarke

For some people, when they have been wronged the only thing that preoccupies their mind is vengeance! And, sometimes, vengeance can come in hilarious forms!

From punishing parents with drum kits for their kids to unorthodox surprise pop quizzes, here are 17+ people who are out for revenge!

"In 1983, my mom and my aunt got in a huge fight. In retaliation, my aunt bought me this for my birthday."

Reddit | CalvinDehaze

I might have to get one of these for the drummer in our band to use. I think that it would really help the punk aesthetic we're going for.

"Neighbor anonymously reported us to the city because our trash cans were not behind a barrier. Now they are."

Reddit | sfnorris1

There was actually a bit of a heated debate about who was in the wrong here, whose side are you on?

"This is the most clever response to bathroom graffiti I've ever seen."

Reddit | highflyingredline

That is one hell of a burn on whatever kid thought it would be cool to draw such a vacuous doodle on that wall!

Sustainability Is Cool!

Reddit | Blackgrave

"Screw you, sustainability!"

"Dave, are you flipping off the light switch again?"


"Don't make me call HR again!"

"I like their thinking."

Reddit | MBHYAT

"Hey, did you know they're selling this for $10 cheaper on the internet?"

"Well go and get it from there then, you ass."

"Wow, well that's not very helpful."

"I think my microwave wants a sacrifice."

Reddit | Evoxey12

Well, it is either demanding a sacrifice or it is throwing shade at you for having the diet of a toddler!

"Well, he did... something."

Reddit | MWN

Judging from the tone of desperation on that note I was expecting a catastrophic amount of dandelions, but judging from the bottom picture there don't seem to be that many!

"My response to a person hogging two spots."

Reddit | Thenameuwanted

In all seriousness though, when would a sign just saying, "Please don't rob me" actually ever deter someone from robbing you?


Reddit | nevershoutfire

Can't fault them for their handiwork here! Also, coffee sells itself, I mean people need their coffee that's just a fact.

"HOA cites homeowner for trash cans visible from street. Homeowner erects a privacy fence."

Reddit | starstarstar42

Wow, I didn't realize that there were so many people out there massively preoccupied by how their neighbors' bins look!

"Management is not responsible."

Reddit | s8l

I can just imagine lawyers everywhere salivating while reading this sign as they wait for their hotdog!

"A friend of mine faked a doctor's note at our job. This is my boss's reply."

Reddit | centipedeseverywhere

Well, at least this boss is trying to help improve their employees' proficiency in the art of deception! That's very nice of them!

Stay Off The Corn!

Reddit | God-Pop

Deer can't speak english you fool! Deer can exclusively speak Welsh, where did you go to school, guy?!

"My friend, while home from college, trapped a bug under a plastic cup last night. She awoke to this response from her parents."

Reddit | TheatrePirate

I lived in an entire house full of people whop were all terrified of spiders once. If one was spotted in a room, then we basically let the spider have that room for 24 hours.

"When your annoying cousin is visiting."

Reddit | NightmarishPT

There's nothing like the uniques disappointment as a kid of going to take a sip of Coke only to realize that it is an off-brand version.

"No Bikes Allowed..."

Reddit | RockinJack18

I had a friend that used to ride a unicycle, and I never once understood why anyone would ever want to use that skill?

That's One Savage Hearse!

Reddit | Evenball5

Although, if you're idiotic enough to be texting and driving then I suppose you need a warning as obvious as this one!

"Bad wording London..."

Reddit | sinkable

I hope that someone finds every person who stuck their disgusting gum onto this sign and forces them to chew it for the rest of their lives.

"They've been warned."

Reddit | addison_thorn

Now that is a person who is confident in their excrement! I guess that it is important to find self-confidence wherever you can?

The Ultimate Pop Quiz!

Reddit | Krazykev300

This person explained, "A kid in my school thought it would be funny to put a bathroom stall door on our calc teacher's desk in protest of pop quizzes. This was his response on our last day of school, the answers being the combo."