People Aren't Sure How to Feel About Valkyrie The Human-Faced Cat

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When an artist wants to create something horrific, there's only a matter of time before they start mixing and matching the parts of different creatures.

When this happens in real life with various animal types, the results can can look pretty impressive and strikingly beautiful. But things start getting nightmarish when human faces start appearing on animals. Bonus points if they can actually talk.

However, sometimes animals seem just human-like enough to leave us confused and a little unnerved, rather than having a full-on human face and making us head for the door.

As far are some folks are concerned, one Russian cat is one of those animals.

From a certain angle, it may be hard to tell what's so human-like about Valkyrie the Maine Coon.

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But as they often say, it's all in the eyes and this cat definitely has some of the most expressive ones we've ever seen on an animal.

And most of those expressions would tell us that she's really not enjoying herself.

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If someone took a picture of most of us while we were stuck at a party where we didn't know anybody, we'd probably look a little something like this.

Even her resting face looks like she just stepped in the office and some morning person decided to talk to her.

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This likely has a lot to do with why a lot of people can't decide whether they love her or they're creeped out by her.

On one hand, her expressions are a big, relatable mood. On the other hand, it's hard to shake the feeling that someone superimposed a human face on her.

In reality, she was bred at the Catsvill County sanctuary in Moscow by Tatiana Rastorgueva, who specializes in Maine Coons.

Facebook | Tatiana Rastorgueva

As The Daily Mail reported, Rastorgueva has spent the last 16 years breeding these large cats to create what she describes as "definite" features.

As she tells it, Valkyrie's uncanny expressiveness, which she shares with other cats at Catsvill County, was no accident.

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She told The Daily Mail, "I have been working on my dream for a long time. For 16 years I have been working with this breed to get some definite characters and now I am very close to my target. However it is still not exactly what I want. I hope soon to show the world an even cooler type of Maine Coon."

But as fussy as Rastorgueva is about the look she tries to achieve, she has the same energy when it comes to finding potential owners.

Instagram | @catsvill_county

She said, "I am very choosy and fussy when I am looking for the new owners for all my kittens. I am waiting for the best owners - loving and caring."

But once she finds them, those owners might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Instagram | @catsvill_county

Namely, that Maine Coons are known as one of the smarter cat breeds and can apparently be trained similarly to a dog.

So anyone who falls in love with Valkyrie's unique aesthetic might not have many headaches during training.

And while some may not know how to handle Valkyrie, she and the other cats at Catsvill County have more than their share of admirers.

Reddit | Galina1952

The sanctuary has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and many commenters see the cats' human-like features as showing a lot of beautiful character.

Indeed, it is hard not to look at Valkyrie's annoyed expressions and think, "ugh, same."

h/t: The Daily Mail

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