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Milo Ventimiglia Opens Up On What He'll Miss About Jack Pearson On 'This Is Us'

This Is Us has officially come to an end, which means we have to, unfortunately, say goodbye to Jack Pearson played by iconic Gilmore Girls and Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia.

The hit NBC show that also starred the lovely Mandy Moore, who played Rebecca Pearson has officially ended, leaving our hearts broken but also our spirits lifted. Although the show was heartbreaking, it always left us with an important message, one that Ventimiglia is urging the audience to pay attention to.

'This Is Us', starring Milo Ventimiglia, started all the way back in 2016 on NBC.

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The series was full of magnificent actors beyond Ventimiglia, including Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, and Chrissy Metz.

But now, after many awards and Emmy nominations later, the show has come to a tearful end.

The show followed the Pearson family, and how they all were affected by the tragic loss of their father, Jack Pearson.

The Pearson family on This Is Us all sitting up against a wall in their pjs as Jack reads a book to them

Played by the stunningly handsome and talented Milo Ventimiglia, he has now opened up on what the show meant to him, as well as what he will miss most about playing Jack.

Ventimiglia spoke to People at a panel about his attachment to the character.

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"Oh god, his king fashion sense, especially when he's in his 50s," the star said. "Those wide wale pants were so comfortable!"

To be honest, I can't blame him. He always looked STUNNING.

He also explained why he thought people loved his character so much.

"I like that Jack felt like an attainable superhero," he said. "I like that he was someone any man could be. In his flaws, in his shortcomings, he still did his best to show the ones that he loved how much they meant to him and give them everything they need to go forward and have happy lives."

Ventimiglia hit the nail right on the nose with that one.

Jack Pearson sitting down next to his wife Rebecca Pearson and kissing her on the cheek, they are both dressed in black
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Jack Pearson is a character that should be held in high regard, especially when it comes to inspiring men, and in particular, fathers. The character never shied away from physical or emotional vulnerability, something we definitely need more of in media.

Ventimiglia hopes that fans can move forward from the show recognizing how important it is to really pay attention to life and the moments around you.

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Life moves so quickly, and moments pass us by before we even realize they were important. So take advantage of every second you have living and breathing.

And most importantly, be empathetic and kind toward others.

"Finding common ground with people that are different, and understanding that we have our own experiences to live, but other people have their experiences to live too, and we should give people love and show people love and hopefully, it'll be showered back on us," he said.

"And that hope of what happens when we move on in life and where we go and the appreciation of life."

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"It's so fragile and it moves so quick. It can be gone in a heartbeat or take a lot of time, but I think really living a full complete life."

Ventimiglia went on to urge the audience at the panel he spoke at to "pay attention."

Kate Pearson in the car holding Jack Pearson's head between her hands.

"Pay attention when life is happening in front of you. That was a big moment for me to be like, pay attention to life happening in front of you as it's happening, don't let it pass."

"Be there, be present, recognize those good things that come into your life," he continued.

"Recognize when you can be that good thing in someone else's life because the moment will pass and it'll be gone, so just recognize it."

H/T: People