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Miley Cyrus Is Asking Fans For 'Good Vibes' After Uncovering She's Been Hospitalized

Miley Cyrus has had a rollercoaster past few months with her personal life, so fans were totally surprised to see the singer in the hospital on her social media.

Miley updated her fans yesterday via her Instagram stories and of course, fans were SHOOK to see lil' Miley in the hospital.

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She told fans she was "trying to heal as quick" as she could so she could participate in Gorillapalooza, a charity event hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and The Ellen Fund.

"Send gooood vibes my way... We got gorillas to save!"

It was revealed the singer is suffering from tonsillitis.

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To lift her spirits, Miley cut up her hospital gown (it's called fashion, sweetie) and said the new design was inspired by Yves St Laurent, Courtney Love and Sky Ferreria.

She then shared a photo of flowers from her "main gays" which includes photographer Vijat M and designer Bradley Kenneth.

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Hospital bed covered in rose petals? Big mood!

Then, in the plot twist of the century, Miley posted a selfie saying her BF WAS COMING TO VISIT.

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I hope I don't sound ridiculous but I don't know who this man is.

Her BF? Australian singer (y'all prolly forgot about) CODY SIMSPON.

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He sang her songs he wrote for her which is sweet?

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There's just a lot going on right now.

Miley updated fans that surgery went "amazing" but that getting sick as an adult isn't all "popsicles and warm soup anymore."

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"Taking my voice away from me is torture," the singer wrote.

Miley then posted a pic with some healing crystals.

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She called them the "most magic medicine"

Miley then @'d all her h8ters, saying she loves "doing whatever the [expletive] I want so much."

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Which I can only assume includes dating Cody Simpson out of seemingly thin air, lol.

However, thanks to her new man, we know Miley is recovering from surgery and doing amazing, sweetie.

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We're still being asked for VIBES!

We wish Miley a speedy recovery, and that she can perform at Gorillapalooza!

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Best wishes, Milerz!

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