'Married...With Children' Reboot With Original Cast In The Works

Alicia D'Aversa
Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neil, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino sitting on a couch with a dog for a promo for married with chidlren
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We live in a world of reboots, whether you like it or not. And now, the hit the 1980s-1990s comedy show Married... with Children is making an animated comeback. It will feature the original stars of the show (Katey Sagal, Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino), and while hasn't been greenlit, is definitely catching people's attention.

According to Deadline, the show is going to be written by Family Guy executive producer Alex Carter. If that doesn't catch the interest of the people, I don't know what will.

'Married… with Children' may be coming back.

David Faustino, Christina Applegate, and Katey Sagal on Married with Chidlren sitting on a couch all looking surprised and mid laugh
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In animated form, but coming back nonetheless. It was one of the most famous TV shows ever, and for older folks, probably still is one of their favorites. It was an edgy comedy show that pushed the boundaries, and we can only imagine that the animated version will do the same.

'Married… with Children' aired for 11 seasons.

Ed O'Neil on Married with Children

The show followed Al Bundy who was quite the misogynist, his wife Peggy who did not exactly like housework, and their children Kelly and Bud who caused a lot of problems. Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino are all expected to return.

People have actually been asking for a sequel for years.

But nothing had ever really come out of it, but perhaps people will get what they want now! People are having some mixed reactions online, but one thing is for sure: people are certainly curious to see how it will all go.

Personally, I am kind of excited!

More than excited, I am certainly interested to see if the humor will stay in line with the original show, or if it will take the more "adult cartoon humor" of Family Guy and The Simpsons. Time will certainly tell, but until then, we will have to wait for more announcements!