Mario Kart Will Be Coming To Your Smartphone Next Month

Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour is set for release this summer, but you can apply now to get a beta test version if you can't wait that long.

Get the Beta Version

Android users in the U.S. and Japan can sign up for the beta test through Nintendo's website. The program is from May 22 to June 4, though the Daily Mail says not everyone will be accepted into the beta program.

Is It Available For Both iOS and Android?

According to Fortune, Mario Kart Tour will only be available on Android phones to users in the U.S. and Japan, though the Daily Mail reports that you will be able to get the game on both Android and iOS.



There has not been many details released about Mario Kart Tour, and that has some worried. A Mario Kart app was first announced early last year, so it's been some time.

A 'Billion-Dollar App'?

Bloomberg and other financial sites are expecting Mario Kart Tour to be a "billion dollar app," and they could very well be right.

Nintendo's "Fire Emblem Heroes" has already grossed about $500 million since its launch a couple years ago, so anything is possible.

Mario Fans Will Have To Be Patient

And the launch date has already been moved back from March to this summer.

The Daily Mail writes that developers were pushing for more time to "improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch."

It's fair to say that whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, Mario fans will wait until it's released.