luggage with stickers all over it
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Sneaky Luggage Hack Helps People Get It Sooner After Their Flight

Everyone loves to travel and go on vacation. There is nothing more exciting than going to a new destination, either by yourself or with those you love.

Traveling leads to new adventures and new experiences, which we all love and value in our lives. However, there are some annoyances that come with traveling, too. Airports and luggage are two things we dread about traveling.

When it comes to luggage, there are so many rules.

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Packing for a trip can be super stressful with all of the rules that airlines have with what you can and can't bring with you on planes. People always try to cram as much in their stowaway as they can.

However, having to wait for your luggage can be a real hassle, too.

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While we want to stow things under the plane because we can't bring everything with us on board, waiting around for our bags to come out can take forever.

No one wants to be the last bag off the plane.

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We're all been there—standing at the dreaded luggage carrousel waiting anxiously to see our bag come out—it sucks. We hate waiting for our luggage and it totally delays our plans and the fun we want to have on our trip.

Fortunately, the internet always comes through with good hacks.

people in airport standing with luggage by window
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As they do with all things, people online always find clever ways to cheat the system and help us get what we want way faster than we could ever imagine—especially when it comes to traveling.

Grab yourself a sticker or tag before you leave for the airport.

guy standing on airport escalator with luggage
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When you get there, along with your name and information, you should tag up your luggage saying "fragile." Sure, you may not have anything too fragile in there, but no one else has to know that.

Apparently, this speeds up your wait time.

fragile label
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According to people who have done this previously, the fragile luggage bags go into the bottom of the plane last. This is to prevent other bags from crushing and hitting them—breaking whatever is "fragile" inside.

Last one in means, well, the first one out.

airport luggage belt
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If the bag goes in last, that means it's ultimately going to be taken off of the plane as one of the first bags. That means your wait time won't be 900 hours at the airport waiting.

If you don't feel comfy about doing that, you can also try something else.

sitting at airport gate by window during sunrise
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According to airport workers, the surefire way to get your stuff out first when you land is to arrive for your flight last. We know that's not everyone's "go-to," as we all get to the airport 5 hours earlier than our flight.

There are also ways to make sure you're always in the know.

huge airport with lots of people
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For those who hate spending hours walking aimlessly around the airport, looking for bathrooms, shops, or even gates, there are definitive ways to avoid feeling like a total tourist.

Always download the airport "map."

people walking through airport
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Every airport has its maps listed online on its website, or you can find them easily by doing a quick Google search. Saving the map to your phone photos will prevent you from getting totally lost and wasting time.

And, when all else fails, pack a good book or two.

books on sale at an airport store
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Sometimes, we inevitably have to wait around—if we're delayed or a flight is canceled. If you happen to be waiting around, the best thing to have on you is a really good book or two so you don't feel like a total waste of space.