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Decades-old murder mystery solved thanks to psychic, ghost hunters

The remains of a Korean War veteran missing for nearly 60 years may have been discovered Halloween Eve in a Long Island home. But that's only one part of this murder-mystery.

George Carroll vanished in 1961

In June, Mike Carroll, 57, contacted a psychic and paranormal investigators in an effort to find his father, George Carroll, who disappeared from the home in 1961. Carroll was married and had four young children when he vanished. Mike Carroll was eight months old at the time.

Paranormal investigators found "energy" in the house

The investigators told Carroll they discovered an "energy" in the house, according to Fox News. The bones were found Oct. 31 below the basement. “They were twisted in a knot, weird-looking,” Carroll said. “It was down and twisted in the dirt … not totally exposed, either.”

DNA testing may solve mystery

Suffolk County police are expected to use dental records, if any exist, as well as DNA testing to find out whether it is George Carroll, according to Newsday.

A family rumor?

Mike Carroll told WABC-TV that it had long been rumored that his father could have been buried in the basement of the home, in Lake Grove, Long Island.

Disappearance never fully explained

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Mike Carroll says he was originally told that his dad "went out and never came back." The Carroll children allegedly never got a full explanation from George Carroll's wife, Dorothy. Dorothy Carroll died in 1998.

Family hopes for closure

"I feel great that my dad is free from that crappy hole," said Steven Carroll, who was 5 when his father disappeared. For Mike Carroll, he had always had a sinking feeling that's where his father was. "In my mind, I always felt that I was going to find that," he told WABC-TV. Steven Carroll says they hope to bury his father, a Korean War veteran, in Calverton National Cemetery.