Lady Gaga Is So Classy: She Helped SZA With Her Dress After Losing Grammy To Her

Sarah Kester
Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga is the living embodiment of kindness.

She's a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community, she gives back to her fans, and she once released a short film on the connection between kindness and mental health for World Kindness Day.

Most recently, she proved how deserving she is of a kindness award (if there ever was one) when she helped SZA with her dress at the Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga is all about women supporting women.

Lady Gaga
instagram | Lady Gaga

At this year's Oscar Awards, the singer took the stage with 76-year-old Liza Minnelli to announce the year's Best Picture winner together. She was in a wheelchair due to several health problems, which includes viral encephalitis.

This can cause difficulty with speaking and weakness in some parts of the body.

Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli
Giphy | The Academy Awards

These symptoms presented themselves when Liza fumbled over her words while presenting with Gaga and seemed unsure of what she was supposed to do.

Thankfully, she had a guardian angel with her in the form of Lady Gaga.

The "Born This Way" singer was gracious in helping her out by giving her a nod when it was Liza's turn to speak.

A sweet moment was even captured between them when Gaga leaned to Liza and whispered “I got you,” to which Liza replied: “I know, thank you.”

Viewers loved the heartwarming interaction between the two legends. "BEST part of the Oscars ... Class, compassion, dignity, support, kindness, and humanity," one tweeted.

Gaga earned herself many new fans that night.

"Please have this be the thing you remember. #LadyGaga started off as someone I didn't prefer in my music taste. She ended up being more than music and her moment with #LizaMinnelli brought a tear to my eye. Overwhelming respect for these women," this user tweeted.

Once again, Gaga showcased her kindness at this year's Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga
Giphy | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

There were many memorable moments of the evening, like Justin Bieber's oversized suit that got a lot of laughs and when Jon Batiste surprised everyone by winning five awards, including Album of the Year.

But the sweetest moment by far involved our gracious queen, Lady Gaga.

Giphy | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

This took place when SZA was using crutches as she made her way to the stage to accept the Grammy for Best Pop Duo Performance for "Kiss Me More" with Doja Cat.

She was wearing a gorgeous dress with a long tulle train that got tangled as she walked.

Lady Gaga sprung into action by getting down to the floor to help her with her dress as she picked up the train and let it drop gently on the stage.

There were clearly no hard feelings that Doja Cat and SZA won the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance instead of Gaga and Tony Bennett.

Lady Gaga was praised for her sweet gesture. "Lady Gaga gettin SZA’s train of her dress was a vibe love to see women lookin out for women," one tweeted.

"Idc what y’all say but gaga was too sweet for being the only one helping Sza," added another.

“Doja and SZA getting up there together being so awesome together while Gaga helped SZA's dress. I mean: women are truly thriving and supporting each other out there," a fourth added.

Women supporting women, we love to see it!

Most of all, the world needs more kindness.

"Between Lady Gaga’s compassion for Liza Minelli at the Oscars, her Grammy tribute to Tony Bennett and then helping SZA with her dress to get on stage (in crutches), how are we not honoring her kindness more," this user tweeted.