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Jessica Simpson Opens Up About The Pains She's Endured While Being Pregnant

Jessica Simpson's third pregnancy was a rough one for sure.

From Pop Star To Mom

Jessica Simpson has transitioned from pop star to lifestyle mogul and mom, and her latest pregnancy has been a physical roller coaster.

Baby Number 3

Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson are preparing to welcome their third child (another girl!), who they plan on naming Birdie.

Pregnancy Woes

Simpson has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, and one of her latest posts laid out the unfortunate reality of pregnancy pains.

After a month of sciatica pain, followed by 3 weeks of Bronchitis, I figured since my feet fit in my sneaks today

Swollen Feet

When Simpson says that she had swollen feet, she is NOT exaggerating. Pregnancy really changes a woman's body from top to bottom.

Put Away Those Heels

Thankfully the painful swelling eventually went down. Simpson kept in good spirits, though, posting a hilarious comparison for the #tenyearchallenge.

Friendly Advice

Cafe Mom

Her Instagram followers found her posts super relatable and encouraged her to take care of herself during her pregnancy. They also shared their own pregnancy experiences, building a sort of community in her comment section.

See A Chiropractor

Cafe Mom

They offered suggestions for ways to deal with pregnancy-related​ issues, from essential oils to visiting a chiropractor. However, the most common suggestions were to keep up the walks while also getting plenty of rest.

Super Relatable

Cafe Mom

Simpson's willingness to share the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy resonated with the women who follow her account​ and they were quick to point out how she made them feel seen and understood.

Pregnancy Glow

Congratulations to Simpson and Johnson as they welcome little Birdie in the coming months. Simpson's feet are probably more than ready for the day to finally arrive.

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