Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder in 'Edward Scissorhands'.
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Jennifer Grey Recalls 'Nightmare' Of Finding Out Johnny Depp Moved On With Winona Ryder

Jennifer Grey is best known for portraying Frances "Baby" Houseman in the iconic '80s film, Dirty Dancing. These days, however, she's making headway as an author in a brand new memoir titled "In The Corner."

Among the juicy bits that Jennifer extolls upon in the pages of her book is her relationship with Johnny Depp, and what she refers to as "the nightmare" of discovering that he'd moved on with fellow actress, Winona Ryder.

Fans of classic '80s romance films will no doubt recall Jennifer Grey from the decade-defining film, 'Dirty Dancing'.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in 'Dirty Dancing'.
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While vacationing at a high-end resort in the Catskills, Frances "Baby" Houseman begins a tumultuous relationship with the camp's dance instructor, Johnny Castle.

After learning to trust one another on the dance floor, "Baby" and Johnny fall deeply in love with one another.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in 'Dirty Dancing'.
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Dirty Dancing was the surprise hit of the summer. The film recouped its budget of $6 million after just two weeks in theaters.

Which is pretty impressive.

It currently boasts an impressive 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (which is still too low, if you ask me). In her new memoir aptly titled "Out Of The Corner: A Memoir," Jennifer spills the tea.

And I do mean, ALL of the tea.

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Including a slew of celebrity romances. Most notably, Johnny Depp.

Jennifer and Johnny began dating two years after the release of Dirty Dancing, having been set up on a blind date by Grey's agent.

“We ate, talked, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed our asses off, took cigarette breaks midcourse," Grey wrote in her memoir.

Johnny Depp in 'Cry-Baby'.
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"He was so ridiculously beautiful. And surprisingly open, funny, quirky, and sweet," she said. Two weeks later, the budding young stars were engaged.

Sadly, things started to fall apart as quickly.

Pretty much as quickly as they began, and after nine months into the engagement — Jennifer decided to call off the wedding.

It was a difficult decision but one she felt confident in making.

And why was that?

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Well for one pretty shocking reason.

"That is until I learned that my darling neighbor was banging my ex,” Grey stated bluntly. The neighbor that Grey is referring to is none other than Winona Ryder.

Yeah I know, I was hocked too when I found out.

Winona Ryder in 'Edward Scissorhands'.
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Jennifer goes on to discuss feelings of being replaced, joking that Johnny's motorcycle jacket hadn't even had time to cool after the nine months that she herself had spent wearing it.

Jennifer called Johnny and Winona's pairing a "Bizarre, virtually seamless changing of the guards.”

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp in 'Edward Scissorhands'.
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I can't imagine how hard it must have been for her to go through that on a normal day, but remember, when you're a celeb, everything is in the press.

That made it all the more difficult for her.

She said that she had "The added fun of the blow-by-blow press coverage of what would become one of the most beloved celebrity couplings of the nineties."

Big yikes.

In a similar impulsive fashion, Johnny proposed to Winona a mere five months into their new relationship.

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp
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Johnny and Winona were engaged during the filming of Tim Burton's cult classic Edward Scissorhands but infamously never managed to make it to the altar.

As to why Johnny and Winona's relationship didn't work out, Ryder saw fit to blame their respective careers.

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While speaking to, Winona talked about how "When you’ve been an actor your whole life, your emotion and the acting get confused."

"When you fight with your boyfriend, you start acting — it’s like work," the 'Stranger Things' star explained.

Winona Ryder in 'Stranger Things'.
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From there, Johnny went on to begin a new relationship with actress, Kate Moss. After their four-year relationship came to a grinding halt, Johnny then started dating Vanessa Paradis.

Currently, Johnny is in the midst of a defamation trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp in 'Cry-Baby'.
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For the past several weeks, the internet has been completely awash with soundbites and various video clips from the trial. Which not everyone is pleased about.

But unfortunately, when you're a celebrity, everything you don't want people to know eventually comes out.

All I have left to say is: thank you Jennifer Grey for giving us the juiciest memoir ever. We love to see it.