10+ Instagram Vs. Reality Photos That Dropped Our Jaws

Instagram can be such a numbers game. And the better your pictures, the more people will be inclined to follow you. What if you didn't have the best camera or you aren't a professional photographer?

Well, with a few tricks up your sleeve you can still get stunning photos regardless of your equipment or experience. Just check out these behind-the-scenes-shots and judge for yourself.

1. A Simple Tool

Instagram | @zhest.ax

Isn't it amazing that such a stunning photo was taken with just the use of a simple tool like this. What a difference does it make?

2. Mesmerized Kitty

OMG, how magical is this photo of a kitty? But when you look at the process it couldn't be more simple. Ha, ha. I gotta try that trick.

3. Flower Child

When you look at this picture you'd think it was taken at some botanical garden. But no, it was just taken on the side of the road.

4. In Bloom

And then this picture. All you need is the right angle to get a beautiful photo like this. I feel like I've been doing it all wrong.

5. The Perfect Illusion

Instagram | @zhest.ax

How about this super cool shot that looks so unique? I had no idea they accomplished it quite in this way. Who'd have thunk it?

6. The Perfect Wedding Shot

All these dreamy wedding photos are done with a little bit of the photographer's imagination and a few cool tricks. Just like this one.

7. The Perfect Edit

Instagram | @gilmarphotos

Sometimes the picture is really simple in nature. Here it's just a girl in the water wearing a pretty dress. With editing, it really comes alive.

8. The Colander Trick

All these fancy shots usually have the most simple explanation. In this case, the use of a colander is unexpected but such a cool effect.

9. The Perfect Location

There doesn't seem to be any need for a perfect location when it comes to capturing a special moment. It's all fixed in the final editing.

10. Picture Perfect

Instagram | @gilmarphotos

Speaking of a perfect location, this is another example where you'd think this family was photographed in some kind of enchanted forest but it's all a background trick.

11. Fooled Ya

You'd think this girl was photographed at some sort of fireworks celebration. When in fact, she was never even near any fireworks. It's all an editing illusion.

12. The Right Perspective

Even the simplest of poses can be made to look a lot fancier. Check out this photo. It's so much better from the ground up.

13. With A Little Help From Your Friends

Sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends. Right? This looks both fun and creative. Loving this. He, he.

See even if you're not the best photographer out there you too can get stunning photos if you know a few nifty tricks.

I'm going to look more into these.