19 Inappropriate Questions Women Were Asked Just Because Of Their Gender

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By now, we know that sexism primarily targets females.

For instance, a 2017 study that looked at gender inequality in the workplace found only 33 percent of women said that both genders are equally represented in their workplace. Not cool. 

Women are also on the receiving end of questions that men would never receive. Things like when they’re having kids and other inappropriate questions of a sexual nature.

Here, we take a look at these inappropriate questions women were asked just because of their gender. 

The stalker

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When a Redditor was working the front desk at a hotel, a homeless man came in and asked her, “How safe do you feel as a woman working all alone, late at night?” Uh... not so much now.

The homemaker

Frustrated woman
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"'Why do you work here? You should be home taking care of your husband. People will think you are a lesbian.' Spoiler: he’s fired and I am a lesbian. ETA: I worked in aerospace engineering at the time." - u/Grayson102110

The money

Giphy | Harlem

One woman had a man ask her how much she costs. Ugh, the nerve of some people!

Soliciting sex from a random person is plain wrong. Another woman had a man ask her how much her boyfriend paid for her...

The handshake

Olivia Pope
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"A coworker once asked me that if he masturbated and didn’t wash his hands after, and then he shook his hands with a woman, and then the woman masturbated, could she become pregnant from that. I didn’t know how to respond and I definitely did not shake his hand after that." - u/GirlWhoLuvsSmall

The time of the month

Rolls eyes

"Is it that time of the month?" God forbid we have feelings and emotions. The second we get angry, some men like to assume that it must be because it's we're on our periods.

The heels

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"'Do you like wearing heels? Because you're tall, you know, some men might feel insecure.' I'm 5'9. My answer was: 'Those men are not my target audience."' It was a bit of a silence and giggling after that but felt very punching.'" - u/MyCurrencyOfYouth

The woman at birth

Giphy | The Bachelor

One woman had the very unfortunate circumstance of a man asking if she was female at birth... According to him (which doesn't mean squat), all women must have curvy bodies.

The job interview

Alexis and Moira Rose
Popsugar | CBC

“'So what are your reproductive plans for the next 5 years.' Asked last week at a job interview (by a woman). Absolutely gobsmacked." -u/stocar. Um, pretty sure this is illegal in most countries!

The university

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Education is a great way for women to further their knowledge and career. So it was incredibly demotivating when a man told one Redditor, "why do you want to go to university? You should find a husband instead."

The doctor

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"At the doctor asking to be sterilized: 'What will your future husband say when he finds out you can’t have kids?'" -u/Rambomammy WTF! A woman's decision to not have kids is no one's business but her own.

The supervisor

Eye roll

"Had a terrible suicidal/depressive episode my first day with a company and went to bawl my eyes out and throw up in the bathroom. As soon as I returned to my station in the factory, the supervisor (male) asked if I was hungover or pregnant. I walked out before lunchtime without a word." - u/ButterMyPotatoes2

The nurse


Being a nurse is truly a difficult job. There are so many unruly patients to deal with, like the one who asked this one woman if she would show him his tan lines.

The regret

Unsplash | Marisa Howenstine

As we said before, it's a woman's decision whether she has kids or not, and she doesn't need to explain it to anyone. So you can imagine one woman's annoyance when someone asked her, "Don’t you regret not having children?”

The pregnancy

Kristen Bell on The Good Place
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"'When are you due?' to which I always respond one of two ways, 1. 'My afternoon poo is usually around 2 why? :)' or 2. 'Just fat thanks for asking :)'. Unless a woman tells you she is pregnant, or you see a baby falling out of her, mind your damn business and don't ask." - u/Bsaucier13

The salary

Hilary Duff
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This Redditor's father-in-law went low when he asked her if she knew her husband's salary. Then, he asked his son/her husband not to reveal it to her. That's pretty messed up of him!

The nail polish


"When I was 16 I worked fast food with a guy who creeped me out and once he asked me if I painted my toenails and then if I did them myself or if someone painted them for me. I remember it making me super uncomfy but it seemed like I was overreacting at the time? Looking back, definitely not overreacting that was mad creepy." - u/physicianextender

The birth control

Eye roll
Giphy | Married At First Sight

A woman who works in the hazmat field once had a man ask her age and her birth control methods three times within two hours of meeting her.

He was insinuating that women don’t belong on sites because they make babies.

The creep

Fiona Gallagher
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"After a guy at least 20 years older than me hit on me and I showed him my wedding ring. 'Oh so you enjoy sex with your husband? He does it for you still?' Just, eww." - u/Cdmelty1

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