Terrifying Giant Huntsman Spider Only Emerges When Family Uses Toilet

A reddit post starring a hairy, long-legged spider has gotten the attention of plenty of people, since spiders are at once so creepy and fascinating that you can't look away.

Best To Just Leave It Alone?

The reddit post, by bennu7, is titled: "Every time I use the downstairs toilet," but it's not really about using the actual toilet. When this person flushes, out pops this Huntsman spider. The quick video doesn't show what happens after -- maybe the spider goes back down once the flush settles.

Creepy Crawlies

Soon after the flush, two of the spiders' legs first appear, then the rest of his body comes out from the back of the toilet.

Who's Going To Use That Toilet?

bennu7 / Reddit

How do you know it's going to stay in its little toilet house all the time? What if you wake up one morning and it doesn't crawl out? It could be anywhere. That's too much stress for anyone, really.

Don't Touch Him Because He's Mine

One person remarked that he could make good use of the Huntsman to get rid of some ants behind his toilet.

"There are some ants stuck behind my toilet, can I borrow him for a day."

But bennu7 laid claim to the spider: "No. This is my huntsman. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My huntsman is my best friend."

A Simple Explanation For the Sex Pistols Pics

bennu7 / Reddit

People also commented on the pictures of the Sex Pistols on the wall near the spider. "The whole wall was meant to be old concert ad posters as the toilet is next to the band/music room. I could not find many to print out hence the Sex Pistols concert pics etc.

View bennu7's reddit link for more on these scary creatures.

He's Poisonous; Get Rid Of It

Flickr | Thomas Males

A bite from a Huntsman can be venomous, so it raises the question: Why would you allow this to stay in your house?