Take The Most Chill Break Ever With These Under-Desk Hammocks

If you work a 9 to 5 job, are a student, or just like to hang out at a desk, then you know spending hours upon hours at your desk makes it start to feel like a second home. I mean, you spend at least eight hours out of your whole day at it. That's why people decorate their desks and add sprinkles of their personality to it.

Now you can add a hammock to your desk so you can chill the hardest you've ever chilled at work.

This fun desk contraption is the Under Desk Hammock brought to you by the geniuses over at UPLIFT Desk.

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Hammocks are the ultimate chill accessory, and everyone knows it— it's a dream for everyone to own one.

So why not prop one up under your desk for ultimate relaxation?

It hooks onto the base of their UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk, and honestly, that's it!


It really is as easy as that. It gives you more time for actual relaxation.

You can also choose between a cool grey or fun blue.

What is super cool about this desk hammock is that you can adjust the height of it all from a mobile app!

You will need the UPLIFT Desk Connect Dongle and the Connect mobile app to use this feature. But wow, this is the future.

The only downside is that there's a 200 lb weight limit, but outdoor use can support up to 400 lbs.

No more sleeping uncomfortably at your desk, risking pinching a nerve in your neck from your head being strained.


For only $55, this might just be the new addition that your desk needs.

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