18 People Who Found Hidden Features In Everyday Things

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Unsplash | Alex Sheldon

I always find it fascinating when common everyday objects come with hidden features. Isn't that so cool or what? I don't know about you, but I often use things for more than just the function they originally were supposed to perform.

It's pretty much like overriding the usage of an item with an even better idea, huh? If you don't understand what I mean, you'll get it when you look at the below examples. Check these out and let me know what you think.

Household Scissors

hand holding scissors
Unsplash | Aleksandar Živković

Okay, we all know that scissors are used to cut stuff like paper. Am I right? But have you ever used them in the kitchen? Oh, yeah! Lately, we've been using our scissors to cut stuff like pizza, waffles, and even cheese. Try it out. It really works well.

Nail Polish

bottle of pink nail polish next to a flower
Unsplash | Laura Chouette

Us ladies use nail polish to make our nails look pretty. But were you aware that you can use it to fix lots of things too? Absolutely! Get a load of these:

"1. Secure a screw. Tighten loose screws on cabinets or pot handles by brushing some clear nail polish on screw threads. Insert the screw and let it dry before using it again. (Bonus - polish also keeps them from rusting.)

2. Stop tarnishing. Keep costume jewelry from turning black with a coat of clear polish.

3. Seal an envelope. Worried about whether the glue will hold? Brush polish on the underside of the flap.

4. Mend a screen. Stop a small hole (no bigger than 1/3 inch in diameter) from getting any bigger by brushing a little clear nail polish over the spot.5. Smooth a hanger. If there are rough edges on wooden or plastic hangers that could snag clothes, don't throw the hangers out. Just brush polish over the imperfections."

Elastic Bands

bunch of elastic bands
Unsplash | Mike Walter

I don't know about you but I find elastic bands super useful. For example, "you can use an elastic band as a gripper to open any jars. Alternatively, you can use an elastic band as a grip to seal any jar tight so that no one would be able to open it without one."

This Reddit Hack

Reddit logo
Unsplash | Brett Jordan

Those who spend a lot of time on Reddit might already know this hack but I admit I did not. So here's the gist. Did you know that you can view any subreddit with pictures as a slideshow by adding a "p" after "reddit' in the address? For example, www.redditp.com/r/funny. Type it in or click that link and check it out.

Chrome Shortcuts

person looking at their laptop
Unsplash | Firmbee.com

Are you good with computer shortcuts? I'm not. So this Chrome cheatsheet compiled by this Reddit user could come in handy for the both of us!

"Ctrl+t opens a new tab.

Ctrl+Shift+t opens a previously closed tab. You can hit it multiple times to open multiple closed tabs.

Ctrl+w closes your current tab.

Ctrl+n opens a new window

Ctrl+shift+n opens a new incognito window

Ctrl+tab switches you to the tab on the right of the current active one (and loops around)* Ctrl+shift+tab switches to the tab on the left of the current active tab

Ctrl+number switches to that numbered tab, counting from the left.

Ctrl+r refreshes the page

Ctrl+f5 force refreshes the page. This disables caching, which can help with pages that might have changed but aren't updating.

Alt+d selects the address bar so you can quickly go to a new URL."

You're welcome!

Door Knobs

brass door knob
Unsplash | thom masat

As BoredPanda explains, "A lot of doorknobs are made out of brass because it destroys bacteria. So, these types of doorknobs are essentially germ-proof. Perfect in a household with lots of kids." I bet you didn't even know that, huh?


screwdriver lying on a wooden counter
Pexels | Pexels

"You can use your screwdrivers as wrenches as well. A lot of screwdrivers can be easily slid through a wrench and are used to create more torque. This feature is especially helpful at complicated heights and angles," BoredPanda writes.

Good to know, right?

Jean Rivets

close up of woman's torso in jeans
Unsplash | Tamara Bellis

Those tiny buttons aren't just decorative! It turns out that "these buttons are known as rivets and they're the silent heroes that make your pants last longer. They're placed in the areas that are most likely to tear from movement or strain and help hold the fabric together."


Eyelets On Shoes

boots on the carpet
Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

"The extra eyelets on shoes. If you loop your laces through them, then you tighten the shoe around your ankle and prevent the shoe from moving around. This way you increase the stability of the shoe, decrease impact loading rates, and prevent your foot from moving about while climbing or descending hills and trails. It's great for jogging and hiking!" writes BoredPanda.

Wooden Hangers

hand picking up clothes hanging on a wooden hanger
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"You might think that wooden coat hangers are simply a fancier version of the ones made from plastic or wire," BoredPanda reveals. "But in reality, they actually have a unique purpose to them. These closet hangers aren't just made from any wood. They're from cedarwood, which is known to repel bugs and moths. Not to mention its refreshing scent and durability. These hangers are perfect for heavy clothing that is susceptible to damage from insects, such as coats and jackets, or dresses. Especially those that were made from wool."

Computer Keyboard Ridges

close up of a keyboard
Unsplash | Sergi Kabrera

Have you ever wondered why there are ridges on the “F” and “J” keys on the keyboard? As it turns out, "they help your fingers find their location on the keyboard. This way you can type without having to glance down much easier."

Loops On The Shopping Cart

groceries in bags hanging on a shopping cart loop
reddit | Reddit | u/citizenempire

Have you ever shopped so much that you ran out of space in your shopping cart? Don't worry. You can actually use the loops on the side of the cart to hang up your grocery bags. Okay, why didn't I know about that?

The Car's Rear View Mirror

car's rear view mirror
Unsplash | saira

Have you ever been driving when you're getting blinded by the driver with crazy bright high beams right behind you? Well, there's a way to lessen that annoyance. Your car rearview mirror has a prism that you can turn with the flipper to dull the reflection of high beams. Voilà!

Hole In Airplane Window

airplane window showing the plane's wing
Unsplash | Shaun Alam

Those who fly a lot may have noticed a tiny hole in an airplane window. As BoredPanda explains, "It actually serves two purposes: first, it allows airflow through to keep from too much pressure building in the plane and busting the window as it rises in altitude, and second, it keeps the windows from fogging up with all the warm breath of the passengers."

Escalator Bristles

person's feet on a escalator
Unsplash | Jon Tyson

"The brushes on the sides of escalators aren’t for polishing your shoes," BoredPanda reveals. "You may have been using these escalator brushes to clean your shoes, however, these bristles are actually a big safety feature. One of the biggest reasons for escalator mishaps is people getting their clothes and bags stuck in them when they stand too close to the sides. These nylon bristles play with your mind and make you keep your feet away from the escalator’s skirt panels, hence avoiding accidents."

Okay, that makes me feel a little less nervous riding those escalators, haha.

Measuring Tape

measuring tapes
Unsplash | William Warby

"Most measuring tapes come with a metal stub with a small slot on the end," BoredPanda explains. "In case all your hands are full, hang the slot on a nail for measurement. If you look closely, you will also notice that the stub is slightly serrated on one side. It can be used to mark the points without a pencil."

Did you know that?

Dots On Car's Windows

car windshield
Unsplash | Jaquie Notte

The so-called 'frit,' as Reddit user Warphim writes, "is a baked-in ceramic paint that has 3 purposes: It prevents ultraviolet rays from deteriorating window sealant. It offers a more abrasive surface for adhesion to help with the seal. It creates a barrier to stop you from seeing messy seals."

They add that "The dots serve two purposes: Because the Frit is black, it heats up faster than the rest of the glass during manufacturing. This heat difference can cause issues in production so they make it gradual to reduce stress points. Aesthetics; it's a visually pleasing way for integrating a function."

Pant Zippers

Unsplash | Marcus Urbenz

And last but definitely not least, did you know there's a way to lock in your pant's zipper? Oh, yeah! All you need to do is flip the tab downwards. Okay, I didn't even realize that, and now I feel a little dumb, haha.

As I said, weren't these items so fascinating?

Spock from Star Trek saying "Fascinating."
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I love to discover hidden features in ordinary objects. If only all of them served dual or even multiple purposes. Am I right? That would definitely make all of our lives a little easier. The people who designed these deserve a round of applause. Do you agree with me? Have you stumbled upon an interesting feature in an everyday item?