Henry Winkler Has My Vote To Play The New Batman

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Henry Winkler as The Batman
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With all this talk about who's going to be the new James Bond, we're all forgetting one important thing: Who's going to be the new Batman?

Sure, Robert Pattinson killed it in his role as The Batman alongside Zoë Kravitz. And yes, the second movie was just confirmed with both Pattinson and the original director returning.

But now that Henry Winkler has put his hat (bat) in the ring, some changes may need to be made.

Everyone knows Henry Winkler.

Henry Winkler as The Fonz
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And if you don't, which rock have you been living under? The legendary 76-year-old actor has been around for decades in Hollywood, starting with his breakout role as Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli on the sitcom Happy Days.

The sitcom began in the mid-1970s and ran for 11 seasons until 1984.

Henry Winkler winking
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While Winkler has had plenty of roles since then, none have been as iconic as his role as The Fonz.

When he was on the show, his co-stars were even jealous of his star attention.

Ron Howard, who played Richie Cunningham, didn't like that the majority of fan mail was addressed to Henry.

Ron and Henry on Happy Days singing
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“I will never forget the day when, though the show was sitting strongly in the number one slot in the ratings, a dejected Ron Howard came into my dressing room and flopped into a chair,” actor Marion Ross wrote in her memoir, My Days: Happy and Otherwise.

“It’s just all about the Fonz,” Howard told Ross.

“Every damn day it’s the Fonz this and the Fonz that. There are other people involved with this show other than him, ya know!”

Yep, you just can't resist the star power of the Fonz!

If Ron was jealous of Henry then, he'll sure be jealous of his potential new role now!


That's because the actor is ready to suit up as the next Batman! Okay, not really, how what a happy day that would be if it were true.

We got a teaser of what this would be like on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'

Henry Winkler as Batman
youtube | The Late Late Show

In a new segment, host James Corden went to check in on his guest, Henry Winkler. But when he opened the dressing room, he found Henry in a Batman costume.

"What's with the Batman costume?" James asked.

Henry Winkler as Batman
youtube | The Late Late Show

“You didn’t hear? I’m the new Batman,” Winkler proudly announced. A confused James said that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman.

"He is the present Batman, I am the new Batman," Henry replied.

He even demonstrated his Batman voice as he said, "We’ve got to stop the Joker, Dennis."

Henry Winkler
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When questioned who Dennis is, Winkler revealed that in addition to a new Batman, the franchise has a new trusty sidekick! So long, Robin.

“That’s because you never read the comics; they’re all about Dennis.”

Cargo shorts
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Further convinced that Henry isn't the new Batman, James pointed out that the actor is all Batman from the waist up, but not from the waist down. "You're wearing cargo shorts and flip flops," James pointed out.

Instead of the signature Batman logo, Henry's "costume" showed two lizards holding vape pens."

Fake Batman logo
youtube | The Late Late Show

He was wearing a wig that had a bowl cut, which (to be frank) isn't all unlike how Pattinson's hair looked in The Batman film. (Sorry, Robert.)

After all the nitpicking, Batman — I mean Henry — had enough.

“I didn’t realize you were such an aficionado of Batman, James. That you had a Batman degree from Batman university,” Winkler said.

In the end, it was revealed that Henry was involved in an online scam. Sorry, Henry! But don't worry, Dennis is on the case!

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