Like Mother Like Daughter: Heidi Klum's Daughter Wore Her Vintage '90s Dress To Prom

Jordan Claes
Heidi and Leni Klum holding their own magazine covers.
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For millions of teens all around the world, attending the Prom is considered a rite of passage.

Students dancing at Prom.
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Prom is the culminating formal event of your high school career. It's a time to dance, celebrate, and look your absolute best.

For countless young women, choosing the dress that they'll wear for Prom is a momentous occasion.

Teen girls going to prom.
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Momentous as it may be, finding the right dress to wear to Prom is also incredibly stressful. At least, that's the experience for most teenage girls.

However, when you're mother also happens to be Heidi Klum, finding the right dress is as simple as opening a closet.

Leni Klum on her 18th birthday.
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That's precisely what 18-year-old up-and-coming model, Leni Klum, did in preparation for her high school Prom and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Instead of wasting her money on an expensive dress that she'd probably only wear one time, Leni opted to borrow one from her mother.

Leni Klum in black dress worn by her mother.
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The dress Leni selected was a vintage throwback to the '90s. Her strapless, obsidian form-fitting dress is a testament to how good taste never goes out of style.

Leni chose to accessorize her outfit with a sleek diamond necklace, along with a cute rhinestone-bedazzled pochette bag.

Leni Klum on the way to prom.
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In the caption of her photo, Leni made sure to give her mother deserved credit, by writing "Prom night in mamas dress 🖤."

Heidi herself first wore the dress back in 1998, while she was attending HBO's 'Comic Relief VIII'.

Heidi Klum at 'Comic Relief VIII'.
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Comic Relief VIII was a charity special that included performances from the likes of Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, as well as the late great Robin Williams.

As you can see from the photo of when Heidi wore the dress, both she and Leni have a very similar style.

Leni Klum side-by-side Keidi Klum
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The only notable difference between the two is that where Leni opted for diamonds, Heidi preferred to wear a gold lariat necklace.

Of course, Heidi was also rocking the quintessential '90s hairdo: poker-straight with a middle part.

Woman straightening hair on ironing board.
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I can still remember the smell of burnt hair permeating the house as my sister carefully straightened her hair on the floor of our living room with a flat iron. Oh, memories!

Heidi recently spoke to 'ET', stating that she couldn't be more proud of the young woman her daughter is becoming.

When Heidi was asked to comment on Leni's budding modeling career, she admitted that she herself had some trepidations.

"First, I was a little bit worried, honestly," Heidi revealed.

Heidi Klum blowing the camera a kiss.
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"For me, the most important thing is that she has fun," Heidi goes on to say. "And that she loves it and enjoys it."

Heidi also saw fit to post a heartwarming video in early May, in order to celebrate her daughter's coming of age.

"Happy 18 Birthday Leni,” Heidi captioned her post.

"I love you with all my heart. Keep shining your bright light always and forever."

The touching 3-minute long family video is a collection of precious moments throughout Leni's life, including her first haircut as well as other intimate family footage.