11 Heartwarming Stories About Nurses

Sarah Kester
Nurse with a heart
Unsplash | Patty Brito

Each year, from May 6th to May 12th, marks National Nurses Week.

This time is devoted to showing appreciation to the brave men and women who show up to work each day, not knowing what to expect.

They work long hours to keep us healthy, provide endless kindness and compassion, and act as the first line of defense during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To share our appreciation for them, here are heartwarming stories about nurses.

1. When a group of nurses helped deliver a baby on a plane

When a woman named Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga suddenly gave birth to her child at 28 weeks gestation on a plane, a doctor and a team of neonatal intensive care unit nurses sprung into action.

They took creative measures to replace special equipment found in hospitals.

Nurses with newborn baby and mom
instagram | hawaiipachealth

For example, they used shoelaces to cut the umbilical cord and a smartwatch to measure the newborn's heart rate. Their quick thinking made for a smooth ride (and a smooth delivery).

2. When a nurse spent her free time sewing face masks

Face mask
Unsplash | Anton

Even though schools were shut down during the start of the pandemic, that didn't stop elementary school nurse Amber Mehrkens from helping others.

She continued to check the temperatures of students and teachers who were about to do distance learning.

She even began sewing handmade face masks to give out to neighbors for free.

After her fabric supply ran out, people donated money to support the cause. This allowed Mehrkens to make more than 4,000 masks for local businesses and more!

3. When a small act of kindness led to another one

Thank you sign on lawn
reddit | genesislaw1

One person on Reddit shared their sweet story of helping their neighbor whose a nurse.

After she came home looking really tired, they mowed her lawn. The next day, she put up this sweet sign.

4. When nurses went the extra mile to comfort patients

Nurses in PPE with picture of their faces on front
twitter | RexChapman

Since PPE during the pandemic looked frightening to some, a group of nurses had a brilliant idea. They taped a reassuring and friendly picture of themselves on their chests. So sweet!

5. When a nurse surprised a hospice patient with a horse

Bethany Varney with her patient and horse
Spectrum News | Spectrum News

Nurse Bethany Varney took the time to listen to her patients. That's how she learned that her patient, Robert Wagner, loved horses ⁠— and how she surprised him with one day!

6. When nurses teamed up to knit Christmas sweaters for newborns

Nurse knitting a sweater
CBS News | CBS News

With a Christmas party coming up, the nurses at Magee-Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh really got into the Christmas spirit. They set out to turn something really ugly into something really cute!

Look how cute these ugly sweaters are!

Baby Christmas sweaters
CBS News | CBS News

They each had a unique design, such as a Christmas tree, snowman, and penguin.

Afterward, these lucky babies and their families got to meet Santa Claus in their sweaters. Talk about the best Christmas party ever!

7. When a nurse risked his life (and his truck) to rescue California campfire victims

Male nurse
Unsplash | Bruno Rodrigues

ICU manager Allyn Pierce drove his truck through the flames to get to the victims in 2018. He and other healthcare professionals even set up a triage center in the parking lot.

They did so to help those who were injured and to help everyone get out safely.

But while Pierce made it out alive, his truck was badly burned on both sides. As a huge thanks for his heroic action, Toyota gave him a new Tundra truck for free!

8. When a nurse adopted one of her sick patients

Nurse and baby
Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Liz Smith, director of nursing at Franciscan Children’s hospital in Brighton, always wanted to be a mother but had difficulty conceiving. Then, she met Gisele, an infant ward of the state.

She was born premature and had neonatal abstinence syndrome from his biological mother's drug use.

Liz was able to foster Gisele for some time. After falling more in love with her, she was able to adopt the sweet little girl!

9. When nurses brought prom night to one patient

Prom sign
Unsplash | Hannah Busing

Sixteen-year-old Madison Hurd's dreams of prom went away when she ended up in the hospital with heart complications.

So the nurses brought prom to her instead by decorating her room to match the theme and by doing her hair and makeup.

10. When a NICU nurse had a sweet reunion with a baby she treated 28 years ago

That former premature baby she took care of ended up becoming a child neurology doctor!

“I was in shock initially, but overjoyed to know that I took care of him almost 30 years ago and now he’s a pediatric resident to the same population he was part of when he was born,” the nurse told ITV News.

10. When a nurse got to administer Covid-19 vaccines to both of her grandmas

Megan Patterson with her grandma
Facebook | Megan Patterson

Working as a nurse during the Covid-19 pandemic wasn't easy.

Many had to limit time with their friends and family in order to prevent spreading the illness. Nurse Megan Patterson knows all about this, as she was unable to see her paternal and maternal grandmothers for a year.

Thankfully, both of her grandmas were more than willing to get the Covid-19 vaccine in order to see her again.

Megan giving her grandma a shot
Facebook | Megan Patterson

"Raise your hand if you got to vaccinate both your grandmas," Megan wrote in a highly-celebrated Facebook post. Go, Grandmas!

11. When a group of nurses decided to donate their lottery winnings

When a group of NICU Nurses at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Missouri won $10,000 in the Mega Millions, they didn't split the money and start spending. Instead, they donated their winnings to colleagues in need.

Half went to a neonatologist named Casey Orellana, who had to work less to care for her husband with cancer.


The other half went to a nurse who had to pay for her son's funeral who passed away at 17. So selfless!