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Groomsman's 'Revenge Poop' Prank Leaves The Bride In Tears

There are some pretty awkward things that happen at weddings, but nothing takes the cake (no pun intended) quite like this story.

A groomsman took to Reddit to confide in the community in the subreddit AITA for a wedding prank gone very, very wrong.

This wedding story is going to give you a lot of secondhand embarrassment, so buckle up.

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A Reddit user shared on the subreddit Am I the A****le a pretty awkward situation that happened at his brother's wedding because of one phrase he said.

He shared that he and his brother always played pranks on one another when they were younger, but one prank has always stayed memorable for the duo.

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His brother, well, farted in a cookie jar, closing the lid to trap the gas.

When the Reddit user opened the jar on his birthday, his brother remarked, "Grandpa put some extra stank into this batch."

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The stench hit him so hard he immediately threw up into the jar and all over the freshly baked cookies made special by his grandfather.

This has been a story that the Reddit user just can't escape from.

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"My brother had re[t]old the story yet again at his bachelor party three days prior to embarrass me," he wrote.

Still fresh in his mind, the Reddit user decided to playfully use his brother's infamous phrase during the cake cutting ceremony at the wedding,

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"They're posing for photos before cutting the cake, and I don't know why it came to me, but I just leaned over to my brother as his wife was about to take a bite and said 'I put some extra stank into the cake,'" he recounted.

Yep, maybe not the best time, but he really thought his brother would know it was joke!

But that wasn't the case at all.

He recalled, "With the reflexes of a mother leaping across to rescue her newborn from something dangerous, he slapped the cake out of her hands."

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"There were some gasps, some laughs, no one really knew what was going on. Me included."

"He whispered in [the bride's] ear, she looked me in the eyes for a good five to ten seconds.

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"Then just started to cry."

"She runs off, everyone is confused, then my brother confronts me."

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His brother really thought he took a revenge poop in the cake to get back at him for the cookie fiasco. Everyone really thought he did, too!

The Reddit user was too embarrassed to confront everyone about the truth, so he just left.

Talk about having a terrible time at a wedding!

Even though the Reddit user knows he must make amends with his bro, Reddit came to his defense.

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Many people thought the the brother, the groom, overreacted. They also couldn't get over how the brother actually thought he would take a poop in the cake.

"He needs to learn to take a joke!," Reddit user BeaKiddo87 replied.

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"They overreacted. You did nothing wrong at all," wrote another.

Some people thought it was just downright hilarious.

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"I cannot stop laughing about this," wrote one Reddit user.

Another wrote, "Seriously, your brothers reaction is hilarious and it sounds like the kind of thing only a sibling would do to another."

Some people couldn't believe that the brother actually thought his sibling would poop in a whole wedding cake.

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"This doesn't make sense. How could you defecate in the cake without anyone noticing? WHYY would he think you'd do that in the first place and why would anyone seriously believe you'd done it? It would psychopathic. Your whole family sounds touched," one user wrote.

But, people did not deny that the timing was extremely poor.

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"He waited until right when the bride was about to take a bite, so his brother had to act or let his wife eat something potentially disgusting. It's hard to come back from that," Reddit user interloperdog19 countered.

This definitely is a sticky situation!

What would you do in this situation? Let us know!

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