Mindy Hayes / The Dodo

Dog Saved from Fighting Finds New Best Friend in Bunny as Big as Her

Grace, a 2-year-old rescue pit bull, and Sophie, a rabbit, made fast friends last year when they first met. Owner Mindy Hayes of Eerie, Pennsylvania, was hesitant at first to introduce the two, as dogs and bunnies don't always mesh, but she didn't need to worry, according to The Dodo. View more photos of the contented pair below.

Love at first sniff

"It was an instant connection. They just sniffed one another, and they just blossomed from there," says Hayes. She adds that Grace routinely primps and grooms Sophie's hair, and they spend quality time together on the couch.

Take a load off, guys

Grace and Sophie seem to be a match made in pet heaven. Here's Grace resting her weary chin on Sophie's back. Sophie doesn't seem to mind the extra weight. In fact, she looks quite content.

Side by side

Grace likes to groom Sophie, who prompts the act by simply moving closer to her friend. They are very loving toward each other, which is evident in photos where Sophie's in her cage and Grace is lounging patiently on the rug next to her.

Grace finally finds happiness

Grace had some bumpy beginnings to her life. Hayes says before she was rescued, Grace was often tied to a tree and was used for fighting. "Knowing where she came from and to see her be so loving to everyone, especially to a rabbit, is really spreading awareness to who these dogs really are. They are not bad dogs. She wants to be friends with everyone she meets," says Hayes.

It's hard work being best friends

Both animals are about the same size. Sophie, a Flemish giant rabbit, will get bigger than Grace, as she's only 11 months old right now.

Snuggle time

Here are Grace and Sophie napping on the couch. They seem perfectly happy together. “I can’t keep them apart. Grace is constantly following Sophie, laying with her on the couch and licking her head. Grace would groom Sophie until she is sopping wet if I let her!”