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Good Samaritan FedEx Driver Shovels Snow Off Newly Widowed Woman's Porch

A FedEx worker is getting some major praise online for a good deed he performed during his shift recently. After hearing about the loss that a local widow had gone through, he stepped up to lend a helping hand.

A Little Bit Of Good News

Winter can feel like an endless misery of cold and darkness, and when combined with a bleak news cycle can be pretty unbearable. If you have trouble working up the enthusiasm to get out of bed on winter mornings, you are not alone. However, sometimes a little bit of kindness breaks its way into your timeline, reminding you that not everything is garbage.

A Good Deed

Unsplash | Michael Payne

Leigh Anne, a Nebraskan single mom of three, was struggling to put air in her tires during a snowstorm. Luckily, her usual FedEx driver Brian was there to help, offering her assistance despite being out on his route.

A Terrible Loss

Unsplash | Luis Galvez

While assisting Leigh Anne, he found out that her husband had recently passed away after battling cancer for 7 months. Leigh Anne was still getting the hang of being a single mother and was grateful for the help.

Another Kind Move

Moved by her story of being a recent widow, Brian decided to do another kind deed the next time he was driving by her house. Without mentioning it to Leigh Anne, he carefully shoveled the snow off of her porch and sidewalk to ensure that she and her family would be a little safer.

Caught On Camera

Luckily, Leigh Anne's security camera in her doorbell caught his good deed on video so she could thank him.

She posted the video to her Instagram with the caption "Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages."

Good Samaritan

Honestly, we need more stories like this getting the profile that they deserve. The world can be such a bummer, but there is definitely still a ton of kindness going around. Faith in humanity restored.