18 Activities Visitors Can Do For Free At Disney Parks

Kasia Mikolajczak
Disney castle with a streetlight in the foreground.
Unsplash | Cody Board

Here's a confession — I've never been to any of the Disney World or Disneyland. Oh, yeah, that's right. They're just too far for me to go to right now. But if you're always wanted to experience some of the Disney magic at Disneyland or Disney World, I've got good news for you.

Not everything will cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, there are some attractions at Disney parks that you can see for free, and I'm all about that. So let's check it out.

Disney World's Caribbean Beach Resort With Free Hammocks

Did you know that Disney World in Florida has a Caribbean beach resort full of chairs, hammocks, and benches to soak in the sun? So, if you need a relaxing way to unwind, get your butt there ASAP. And you don't even have to pay a cent to enjoy it. Aha!

Take A Stroll At Disney World's Boardwalk Inn

If you get tired of lounging on a hammock, why not go for a walk around the boardwalk at Disney World's Boardwalk Resort? Chances are you'll get to see free live entertainment such as jugglers, magicians, and many other entertainers. I don't know about you, but that sounds fun to me.

Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge

How cool would it be to stay at Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge, huh? Well, if you can't afford that, it doesn't mean you can't spot some animals. In fact, there are plenty of giraffes you can spot while you're walking through the lobby of the resort. But if you head outside, you can even catch some flamingos. Oh, wow!

Meet The Coca-Cola Bear For Free At Disney World

It sure is fun to spot all sorts of Disney characters. Am I right? But what about the Coca-Cola bear? Would you like to get a free hug? If that's what you're after, head over to the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs in Disney World, and that's where you'll find him.

Watch Artists At The Art Of Disney Store In Disney Springs

Have you ever tried to sketch any Disney characters? If you're good at it, I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing a master perfect the art of it, huh? The Art of Disney store in Disney Springs has sketch artists you can watch in action, and it won't cost you a thing.

Check Out Glass Artists At Arribas Brothers In Disney Springs

Speaking of artists, there's another attraction you shouldn't miss. Head over to Arribas Brothers at Disney Springs in Disney World to see a glass artist do their thing. I bet seeing them do their work is quite fascinating, no?

Walk Through The Tri-Circle-D Ranch At Disney World

Did you know that the Tri-Circle-D ranch is near Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort? That's where they house Cinderella's ponies and the horses of Main Street USA. But — get this — you can walk through this area on your own free of charge.

Check Out Basin Located In Disney World's Disney Springs

If you love the Body Shop, you'll absolutely adore Basin. It's pretty much Disney's equivalent of a store like this. You can find it at Disney Springs and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. While you're there, you can try a variety of sugar scrubs on your hands in their sink, hee-hee. I bet that's quite the experience.

Disney World's T-Rex Cafe Play Zone

If you've ever been to the Rainforest Café you'll love Disney's version of it. It's all about giant animatronic dinosaurs and cretaceous creatures that move and roar while you dine. Oh my goodness, you don't say? I bet the kids will love it — especially the free, outdoor playzone.

Ride The Skyliner At Walt Disney World For Free

How do you get a quick view of all the Disney attractions like Disney's Riviera, Art of Animation, the Caribbean Beach Resorts, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios? Well, it's easy when you take a ride on the Skyliner. I would love to do that.

Ride The Monorail For Free At Disney World

Speaking of rides that take you all over Disney parks, how about the Monorail? This train does a loop around the Seven Seas Lagoon with stops at Magic Kingdom, Disney's Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian resorts. How cool is that, huh?

Free Fireworks Shows Around Disney World

Disney parks are notorious for amazing fireworks displays. So no wonder people flock there to see that, huh? But you can watch free fireworks from all sorts of places, such as the Boardwalk Inn and Topolino Terrace at Disney's Riviera Resort.

Free Concerts At Disney Springs

There are plenty of spots at Disney Springs where you can catch a free concert. There's AdventHealth Waterside Stage in front of the World of Disney shop that has frequent live bands. There's also a small stage outside of the Raglan Road restaurant that regularly plays Celtic music. And, don't forget the House of Blues.

Hidden Mickeys Scavenger Hunt At Disneyland and Disney World

Mickey on a gondola
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

Did you know that Disney has hidden Mickeys placed all around their parks? Oh, yeah. Sometimes the park turns this into a scavenger hunt. But if not, then you can go on your own to try to find as many as you can. I bet that's a lot of fun.

Listen To Live Music At Trader Sam's Patio Located In Disney World

So, I already told you about some free live music you can catch at Disney, but I forgot to mention the patio at Trader Sam's at the Polynesian Resort. Here you can sit and enjoy listening to the talented cast members play the ukulele while singing along to soft Hawaiian music.

Disney World's Free Electric Water Pageant

Do you enjoy watching things light up at night? If you answered a resounding "yes," then I've got an idea for you. Why don't you wander to the Seven Seas Lagoon, where you can watch the Electric Water Pageant sails?

It goes around the three hotels, including Magic Kingdom. Here you can see figures change between sea serpents, underwater creatures, and other fun characters as it sails along its 15-minute route.

Go On A Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt

The best things in life are free. Don't you agree? Well, if you happen to be at Disney around its anniversary, chances are you can take part in a free scavenger hunt. That was the case for Disney's 50th, and I bet there are more opportunities like that. You can inquire about one at the resort's front desk.

Free Parking At Florida's Disney Springs

Did you know that parking is free at Disney Springs? Wowza! Oh, yes, that's right. Typically you would have to be a paid guest to park free at Disney, but that isn't the case with Disney Springs. Finally, something you don't have to splurge on, right?

Oh my goodness, did you know about all these free opportunities at Disney?

Dancing Goofy at a Disney resort
Giphy | Disneyland Paris

I certainly didn't. So I hope these tips will help you out on your next trip to Disney. I don't know about you, but I love to save money wherever I go, so this helps a ton. Are you planning a trip to any of the Disney parks?