20 People Who Found What They Were Looking For In The Weirdest Spots

Ashley Hunte
A headphone case resting on a groove at the back of a chair.
reddit | 3leggedpelican

You know when you're looking for your glasses, only to find them in your hand? Or you call your phone while trying to find your phone? Well, that's nothing compared to spending hours, days, or even months trying to find something you've lost, just to find it in the most random spot.

I really feel bad for the people in this list, because that's exactly what happened to them...

"Was looking for this DVD in my local library, and it had a interesting message for me when I found it buried in the wrong section..."

The side of a Young Frankenstein DVD case where the label code reads F YOU.
reddit | omikias

Okay, this person didn't find something they lost. But they did find something they probably weren't expecting. A bruised ego.

"Spent 3 days looking for my manga after it was delivered, found it in my dogs mouth."

A piece of a book page that's been ripped apart.
reddit | BowserJr500

It's like when your dog eats your homework, except it's something you were actually looking forward to reading. I hope the dog thought it was worth it.

"Spent almost three weeks looking for my thumb drive."

/a thumb drive stuck in between a panel and a GPU in a PC.
reddit | Big_Hat_Chester

One Reddit commenter said, "They really to give more specific instructions than 'stick the thumb drive in your computer.'" I feel kind of bad for laughing, but not that bad.

"Was looking for batteries, and found a Duracell screwdriver instead."

A small screwdriver with a case that looks like a Duracell battery.
reddit | LexLozano

I feel like finding something like this would be really cool, unless you're trying to find a battery to use in something. Then it's just a pain in the butt.

"Spent the better part of an hour looking for my laptop. Got all the way to the acceptance stage before deciding to look one more time."

An office chair with a laptop resting along the back rest, blending in.
reddit | Justfortrolls

Just when you think it's gone forever, you find your laptop in literally the strangest spot. How does it even get there?

"Was actively looking for and couldn't find the lid of the sugar bowl on a small table."

The lid to a sugar jar resting on a peanut butter jar, which is next to the sugar jar.
reddit | vermogenselektronica

Definitely the same energy as trying to find your glasses when they're sitting right on your head. At least it was nearby?

"I just spent the past 15 minutes looking for my guitar pick."

A black guitar pick resting on top of a black amp.
reddit | OJgaming97

This guitar pick, on the other hand, was at least a lot easier to find. But it would still really annoy me if I was the one looking for it.

"Spent 30min looking for the Power button on my new espresso machine… while also wondering why are there two 'Grind' buttons."

A coffee maker with two Grind buttons. A screenshot added to the bottom left of the image shows that one of the Grind buttons is supposed to be an On button.
reddit | PhenomEx

Sometimes, the very thing you're looking for is right in front of your eyes. Don't you just love it when the manufacturer messes up like this?

"Was looking for a missing electrical junction box in the apartment my girlfriend owned. Found it!"

An electrical junction box buried behind concrete in a wall.
reddit | Osopoe

I'm no electrician, but something tells me it shouldn't be that hard to find a junction box. And it shouldn't be behind a wall of concrete...

"I had been looking for my magnetic fidget rings for a few days..."

Three magnetic rings stuck along the side of a metal desk in a bedroom.
reddit | salazar0106

Gotta love having magnetic fidget items and a metal desk. It's like they up and decided to go into hiding on purpose or something.

"I have been searching for this sock for months… it’s such a nice fluffy sock. Well guess what I found behind the washers at my dorm’s laundry room…"

Several socks and dust piles behind a dryer.
reddit | ravenpotter3

It's funny how this is probably the most obvious place to look, and yet it's the last place any of us think to look when it comes to missing socks...

"I’m a little 'Ruffled' about this one. Yes, that’s the freezer. I’ve been looking for these for about 15 mins, not sure why I wouldn’t check freezer first?!"

A bag of Ruffles chips in a freezer.
reddit | grammyone

I'm... not really sure why anyone would put chips in the freezer. Unless somebody did this before their morning coffee. Or because they want to annoy somebody else.

"Been looking for the center of the universe? Y’all can stop looking, I found it."

A sign at The Harry F. Magnuson Way that reads, "Center of the Universe."
reddit | Winter-Confusion-621

Most big cities will say they're the center of the universe. Apparently, Wallace, Idaho does, too. Though, I'm not really sure who was looking in the first place.

"Was looking for my notepad with important info written in it all morning….."

A laptop overturned to reveal a notebook.
reddit | Yeeeeeeewwwwww

As the Reddit comments pointed out, this is, in fact, a notebook hiding under a notebook. It would be funny if this wasn't a frustrating hiding spot.

"Accidentally spilled medication. Spent 20 minutes sprawled on the floor looking for the last pill. Guess where it is..."

A notebook with one pill resting on top, and another one in between two binder rings.
reddit | Onceler_Fazbear

No, not the orange-ish pill on top of the notebook pile. The white one in between the leftmost two rings of the bottom notebook. Yeesh.

"Spent 15 mins looking for my ear buds today…"

A group of tomatoes and one earbud case that's the shape/colour of tomatoes.
reddit | Cartanyan

I guess this is what happens when your earbud case is the exact color and a similar shape to a tomato. At least it doesn't seem like OP washed them or anything.

"Where my sunglasses have been hiding for 2 weeks."

A pair of sunglasses caught behind the mechanism to open and close the trunk door for a van/SUV.
reddit | knightslayer3

How... how does a pair of sunglasses even get there? Like, what do you have to do to get them in that exact spot? Unless OP lives with a prankster or something...

"My sister lost her AirPods at work and couldn’t find them for almost a month. This is where she found them."

The back of a chair showing an earbud case resting on the spine.
reddit | 3leggedpelican

This is... bad. Real bad. Not as bad as loosing a single bud down a sewer drain, but still bad.

"Tore the house apart for over an hour, had enough and went to make my son breakfast."

A TV remote inside of a fridge.
reddit | Sinfire420

Something tells me somebody was up and about in the house without having their morning coffee... On the plus side, the remote wasn't lost forever.

"I spent 15 minutes looking for my guitar pick."

A blue curtain with a floral design on it. Near the bottom right corner is a guitar pick that matches the blue colour.
reddit | IYeetDragons

Because it took me way too long to find it, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you where it is. Check between the two dark orange flowers just above the bottom right corner.

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