9+ DIY Faux Plants That Are Literally Impossible To Kill

So, maybe you don't have a green thumb. Maybe you've killed every un-killable plant there is. Don't worry! There's hope for you yet.

Skip over the real plants and turn instead to your next best bet: faux plants of every kind.

Everything in this picture is fake.

Well, the plants are, anyway. @abigailahern stocks sustainable faux plants that are 100% recyclable! They're hand-painted using earth-based pigments, too.

This is a great eco-friendly option for those who love the earth, don't want to kill it, but also maybe, accidentally kill parts of it with their lack of plant skills. No judgement.

Go knit yourself.

A plant, of course. It turns out that a lot of people really love to knit plants!

If you already know how to knit, get going. If you're like me and have no clue, you can always pick one up on Etsy! Or learn to knit. Either one.

Grab some paper.

How cute is this flower wall arrangement?

Using craft paper and some scissors, you can make a day of DIY-ing your heart out. This would be an amazing thing to do for a party. Just sayin'.

Sprinkle a little faux cacti into your life.

Yeah. These are fake. Can you even believe it? I can't.

These amazing yellow cacti are from @urbanspikes. They pride themselves on having incredibly realistic faux plants alongside their cute real ones!

Make a little terrarium.

This cute project requires a trip to the craft store and some patience for very tiny objects. But I believe in you, and I know it'll be worth it for you to have a cute, faux plant terrarium in your house.

Paint it gold.

Another point in favor of fake plants: they do not care if you paint them. So why not go for the gold and jazz up one of your new fake plants?

I want to do this, tbh.

Make some wall art.

If these were real, you'd have to water your own wall art piece. And no one wants to picture that mess, do they?

Gather your favorite faux plants and succulents and find the perfect frame to display them in!

Please do not use this as garnish.

This faux sage plant is NSFE — not safe for eating. But it is safe to use as some fresh, green decor in your house, so sage your heart out.

Do some nostalgic crafting.

Remember doing this craft as a kid? Well, thanks to their resemblance to pixels, bead crafts are back and somehow cuter than ever. Look at that cactus' little flower! Who could resist something that cute?

Do your wine mom thing.

You know what you're about if you're a wine aficionado. Why not use some spare glasses to make a pretty centerpiece for a party, or some decor for your counter?

Plus, if you're in a bind, you can dump the plants out and use these as glasses again. Score.

Get a glam pot.

Or a pot stand. Or both!

Placing faux plants in stylish containers is a quick and easy way to pass them off as real. Plus, it just looks nice. It's win-win.

Make some out of duct tape.

Mark Montano

As unbelievable as it may seem, those amazing succulents are made entirely of duct tape.

Mark Montano came up with the idea, and helpfully wrote a whole tutorial on how he did it. BRB, grabbing my scissors.

Make some out of felt!

Benzie Design

This DIY is truly fool-proof. Over at Benzie Design, Renae Bradley posted a step-by-step tutorial of how these felt plants came to life, and it crazy simple. This is a craft you could do with your kids! (If you have them. I don't, but my cat might be into it.)

Oh, these? They're pool noodles.

Lily Ardor

Yeah. Pool noodles.

This in-depth DIY was done by Lily Ardor. After seeing the price of fake cactuses ($300, they were $300), she decided to just make one for herself. After a lot of trial and error, she totally nailed it. Read about her whole process here.