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Instagram Fitness Model Reveals How Pregnancy Transformation Helped Her Ignore Negative Criticism

Emily Skye had to handle a lot of online trolling during and after her pregnancy, but it all made her stronger.

Open About Her Body

Emily Skye is an Australian fitness expert with a wildly popular Instagram feed. Almost a year ago, she gave birth to a daughter. Throughout the entire pregnancy, and through postpartum, she's been very open about her body and embraced stretch marks, loose skin, and cellulite.

Before, During, After

This week, she post an image on Instagram that had a photo of her from each of the last three years. It was paired with a long, inspirational message about her journey.

It begins:

All 3 pics are roughly a year apart & I’ve gotten STRONGER each year!

Hard Work

She goes on to say that she didn't instantly snap back to her pre-pregnancy body. It took nearly a year of very hard work:

While pregnant I gained roughly 24kg, I didn’t have a small belly

Nobody Is Perfect

Skye explains why she's been so honest with her followers throughout the whole process:

I’ve made sure I shared the whole process of my postpartum journey and shared my most vulnerable times when I had tough days, baby blues, self doubts as a mother. I showed myself when I was far from my best in the hope it helps some of you to know that nobody is perfect & to believe in yourselves, go for the things you want in life and never give up. Life is tough, you have bad days and sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel (I did many times) but you CAN do it.

You Can Do Anything

She concludes by telling everyone to never let the haters get you down, and to surround yourself with positive people:

Don’t ever listen to negative people who doubt you and put you down. Don’t let them bring you down to their level - they want you to feel as unhappy as they do unfortunately. You are AMAZING & worthy - you can do anything you set your mind to just don’t let negative Nancy’s distract you - there’s a lot of them out there but there are far more kind, supportive people out there so make sure you surround yourself with them!☺️

'Saggy Belly'

Earlier this month, she shared this side-by-side photo of her "saggy belly" to show how standing a certain way changes how her stomach looks.

'Belly Bloat'

In November, she shared a photo showing the effects of bloating on her stomach.

Always Honest

She's been honest and open about her postpartum body ever since having her daughter, like in this post from August.

Never Been Happier

Regardless of what any Internet trolls say, she says this is the happiest she's ever been in her life.