Oui-Oui 'Emily In Paris' Has Been Renewed For Seasons 3 And 4

Fear not fans of Netflix's hit show Emily in Paris, the ridiculously campy, incredibly addictive series will be coming back for an additional two seasons.

If you haven't watched the first two seasons, I highly recommend you completely submerse yourself into the dreamy, Parisian fantasy land that is Emily in Paris. I promise once you start watching, you physically cannot stop!

As you may recall, the world was first graced with "Emily in Paris" in October 2020.

We were 7 months into the pandemic and we all needed something to remove us from our Groundhog Day-esque reality.

Enter: Emily in Paris.

The outfits were wacky. The sights were breathtaking. The cigarettes were plentiful. And the people? Beautiful.

Naturally, the show was a huge hit and now, less than a month since the show's second season hit Netflix, it's been confirmed the show is getting a season three and four, as reported by Deadline.

This reaction has sparked big excitement from fans, who literally cannot get enough of this addictive show.

Needless to say, if you haven't jumped aboard the Emily in Paris train, now is the perfect time to start mes amis!