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Drunken Neighbors Roll Boulder In Front Of Geologist's Car, She Gets Sweet Revenge By Chipping It At 7 AM

Meet Melissa, a volcanologist who is seeking her Ph.D. and studies the happenings in magma chambers and attempts to understand this planet of ours through the wonders of science.

She also doesn't suffer fools like her neighbors lightly, especially when they roll a boulder in front of her car. While this is a scenario that could easily find itself on Investigation Discovery, Melissa uses her expertise and access to give them a little payback.

Say Hello!

Using her newfound viral fame, Melissa welcomes her new followers as they flow in thanks to her neighborly antics.

Drunken Foolishness

Melissa Scruggs / Twitter

After asking her neighbors to make sure she could get out for work at 7AM due to their party, it seems their response was the opposite. While they might've moved their cars, this rock was left in the way.

Luckily, Melissa had a solution.

Problem Solving

Melissa Scruggs / Twitter

Noting that she had access to an auto-chipper -- VERY loud according to her tweet -- she decided to go ahead to move the rock in a way she was familiar with.

Chip Away!

Melissa Scruggs / Twitter

She used her time wisely -- you'll see why later -- and broke down the boulder into small bits using the machinery.

Next door, one can assume that the neighbors were waking up or wishing they were dead thanks to the sound of drilling in their head.

All Done!

Melissa Scruggs / Twitter

The end result is a nice pile of rocks, a clear driveway, and a horde of neighbors that likely regret the entire situation.

The Reaction

And apparently, it all worked. Melissa shared an update after being overwhelmed by the number of people interacting with her post.

The neighbors apparently left and retreated back, in awe of the response. The tea was great that day, my friends.

Got Beef?

One of the responders to her initial post was curious if she has had a beef with the neighbors in the past, revealing that she's the "evil lady" who requested people move the cars by 7am if there is a party.

"I'm a horrid bitch," as she put it.

Within The Law

And if you think this act was pushing the limits of the law -- specifically the sound ordinances in the neighborhood -- this was covered. She waited until 7am for a reason because she knew she had to stay legal.

Inspiring Act

If anything, her position, her interests, and her attitude are inspiring -- something a few have already noted in the comments.

Women in science are there if you open up your eyes and look around. And they're sometimes better than the old hats that seem to get all the attention.

Support that work and breed it in others.


There was a meeting of the eyes between Melissa and the neighbors. When you're being treated like a madwoman or madman by your neighbors, you've done something right.

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