15 Times Design Ideas Didn't Make Me Want To Scream

Lex Gabrielle
design of basketball court
Unsplash | Ilnur Kalimullin

When it comes to designing things, sometimes, companies and people truly miss the mark. Most of the time, people online are quick to share design fails and we cannot help but want to run there and talk to whoever decided to design it in the first place. However, there are some times when people hit the nail right on the head and make a design that is truly amazing.

This water bottle with a map of the college campus.

College campus water bottle map
reddit | Reddit

Not only does the water bottle have a map of the campus, so you know where you are going all the time, but it also has marks where you can refill the water bottle at every point.

This tea cup with a special place for your tea bag.

Benjamin Franklin Tea Cup
reddit | Reddit

Everyone hates when your tea bag falls into the mug. This clever tea mug is designed to look like Benjamin Franklin is flying his kite, but the kite is the end of your tea bag.

This toilet paper that saves the cardboard.

Toilet Paper inside of toilet paper
reddit | Reddit

Instead of that small cardboard insert that most toilet paper rolls have, this toilet paper saves the cardboard and they have more toilet paper for you to use in case you need it.

Tinder saving lives.

Tinder warning LGBTQ community
reddit | Reddit

Tinder updated its app to help individuals in the LGBTQ community when they are in specific locations where the government does not accept them and they can be in danger. They also offer the option to hide their location in these specific places.

This butcher and skate shop share a wall.

Skate and steak shop share a sign
Imgur | Imgur

The skate shop and the butcher are next door to each other, so they decided to use the best of both worlds for their shop signs. It's a skateboard that looks like a whole steak, but on one side it says "steak" and the other side says "skate."

This jacket is made to pass down to others.

coat with multiple owner placement labels
reddit | Reddit

This winder jacket was made to be passed down from one person to another and has a space where you can write in everyone's name and the year they had the jacket.

These sheets that save you time.

sheets with top or bottom tag to help put it on
reddit | Reddit

We have all spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to put fitted sheets on the bed the right way. We always mess up the sides and the top/bottom. These sheets, however, help you out to know which way they go.

Never mix up your coffee again.

decaf coffee and regular coffee logos
reddit | Reddit

This company is clever enough to change its logo up when you are buying regular coffee or decaf coffee. The owl is much more wired for the regular coffee as opposed to the decaf, who is super sleepy.

This solar system makeup.

solar system makeup pallet
reddit | Bored Panda

This makeup company is clever and used the solar system as their inspiration for this eye shadow kit. Each planet has a different color and the colors are named after the planets, too. Plus, the entire thing is beautiful.

This bike that is super convenient.

bike with pump in seat for tires
reddit | Reddit

This bike's seat removes itself when you need it to and the bar for the seat is actually a bike pump. When you're riding and your tires are flat, you can just put some more air into them and keep on riding.

Gmail making our lives easier.

Gmail warning for attachments
reddit | Reddit

How many times have you said you were going to attach a file to an email and you totally forget? Gmail is here to save you the embarrassment and always make sure you attach your files.

This store manager who is super inclusive.

Business card with braille on it
reddit | Reddit

This Starbucks store manager knows that they have tons of clients in their store, even those who are blind. So, for her business cards, she made sure to have them in braille, too.

This bathroom knows the deal.

soap with labels for scented or unscented
reddit | Reddit

In this restaurant, this bathroom has two things of soap for two different times — before and after eating. Before eating, you have unscented soap, and after eating, scented soap.

This ashtray that is a not-so-subtle reminder.

ashtray shaped like lungs
reddit | Reddit

This ashtray is meant to showcase to everyone just how bad cigarettes can be for your lungs. The more people smoke, the more their lungs fill up with ash and dirt.

And, this wedding band that's sentimental and sweet.

wedding band with finger prints
reddit | Reddit

This wedding band not only means "forever" for a couple, but it also has the fingerprint imprints of each of the spouses for each other's rings. So, they'll always have each other there.