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Dad Hilariously Trolls His Daughter's Skimpy Shorts With Some Of His Own

Parenting is a huge challenge, but it's also something you can't really ask anyone else to do. Sure, you can ask others for advice, but when you get right down to it, it's something you have to come at from your own angle.

And for at least one parent out there, that means parenting with humor, even when trying to get a point across.

Raising kids is never easy, but for the Hilley family, it seems to be pretty fun regardless.

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Jason Hilley, a 39-year-old dad from Orlando, likes to use humor in his parenting, and now he's suddenly an internet celebrity after one of his parenting lessons went viral.

One day, Jason's 14-year-old daughter Kendall showed up wearing a bit too little, and showing a bit too much skin for Jason's comfort.

Facebook | Jason Hilley

"I said, 'Kendall, take my debit card and buy yourself shorts that fit,'" Jason said to Today. "She got on her computer and did just that."

However, Kendall didn't get rid of the Daisy Dukes her dad objected to, and when she tried to leave the house with them one day, Jason took action. He cut up his own jeans.

With wife Alison filming, Jason donned his skimpy cut-offs and confronted Kendall.

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"Kendall, we have to have a talk," he said, striding into his daughter's room with a big smile on his bearded face. "Get your shorts, we're going to see whose fit better."

Whether it's because her dad is standing there in short shorts or because she's just plain embarrassed, Kendall seems to take it in good humor.

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Like everyone else, including Alison behind the camera and her little brother, she's cracking up.

And, as they all giggle, Jason says, "I'm picking her up from school with these on."

Still giggling, Kendall dutifully grabs her new shorts, that Jason says "were supposed to be a lot longer" and puts them on.

Facebook | Jason Hilley

"These aren't even that short," Kendall says.

"Neither are mine," Jason replies, slapping and rubbing his thigh.

It seems that Jason was able to make his point.

Facebook | Jason Hilley

"We joke around a lot, but Kendall knows when my jokes are serious," Jason told Today. "Kids will be kids and try to push the limits. That's when I step in and try to correct the behavior with a little humor. You don't have to yell and scream to get a point across."

Jason's lesson on modesty found quite the audience online.

Facebook | Jason Hilley

Because of course he uploaded the video to Facebook. It has since received more than 200,000 reactions, 870,000 shares, and 96,000 largely approving comments.

"Absolutely wonderful, dad of the year," wrote one person.

"She is one lucky girl. She'll understand someday," wrote another. "You're doing awesome. Keep it up."

Mind you, as someone pointed out, the video might have backfired in one regard.

Facebook | Jason Hilley

"The most ironic part is now she has worn her booty shorts in front of the whole internet when the point was not to wear them in public," they wrote.

Check out the whole video right here.

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