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Make Your Space Much More Colorful With A Crochet Rainbow Pillow

The limit does not exist when it comes to crochet projects. With some yarn hooks and an array of colorful yarns, the crochet world is truly your oyster!

Speaking of colorful yarns, if you do have all the colors of the rainbow tucked away in your crafting closet begging to be used, why not use all of them and create a fun and functional rainbow pillow?

How fun is this crochet rainbow pillow?

Repeat Crafter Me

It might be the pop of color you need to really amplify your summer decor.

This pillow is perfect for everyone to try, from the beginner crocheter up to the advanced.

Repeat Crafter Me

It's mainly made from single crochet stitches with minimal variations.

Blogger Repeat Crafter Me used Yarnspirations tutorial as a guideline for their pillow, changing up the colors where they wanted to.

Of course, there are a ton of great crochet rainbow pillows out there to suit your style.

Instagram | @truebryttco

This one by A Crafty Concept is completely closed and includes a bobbled cloud design on the bottom.

And we're absolutely over the rainbow for this smiling rainbow pillow!

The Cookie Snob

Find this ultra adorable pattern for free from The Cookie Snob.

These pillows are perfect for any age group and totally suit anyone who's in need of some brighter decor!