8+ Designs That Are Considered 'Crimes Against Shoemanity'

When it comes to accessories, shoes are sometimes the most important part of someone's outfit. Shoes can make or break an entire look. Many of us spend hours picking out which shoes we are going to wear for specific occasions. Other times, we just throw on what we have around. While there are hundreds and thousands of gorgeous shoes across the fashion industry, there are also some disasters that have been uncovered.

Vans are cool and all, but not when they're attached to a pair of heels.

While I love a good pair of Vans, I think this is a disaster. No skater in their right mind would want to rock these. Plus, they look like they will fall apart at any given moment.

For Halloween, I suppose.

Storming Area 51 might be in the past, but, these aliens should only be out and about for Halloween and Halloween only. Never again after that.

Maybe Justin Timberlake circa 2000 wore these?

The only time you should ever wear denim on your feet is... never. These are a fashion disaster. They deserve to be burned in a dumpster fire as soon as possible.

Hamlet called, and he wants his skull back.

These look ridiculous and incredibly painful to walk in all at the same time. Imagine trying to walk down the block in these shoes? I would 100% face plant and hurt my entire soul.

Flavortown U.S.A.

The only person who should be wearing these is Guy Fieri because it matches those bowling shirts he's always wearing . Otherwise, no person should wear these with any outfit.

Not the best look.

Trying to make a set of "trashy" boots? This one will take the cake. The poorly done tattoo, the toe ring, the unshaven ankles... yikes! These are a total disaster.

Anyone want some bread with their shoes?

These shoes work if you want a quick breakfast snack or treat on your way to work. But, otherwise, it's going to get moldy and gross before you realize it.

Quarantine 2020 fashion.

People might have fought over toilet paper for weeks on end, but some people took their toilet paper and made it into a fashion project. Toilet paper heels: never be without it again!

These boots scare me.

If you're wearing boots, I do not want to see your toes. I don't want to see outlines of your toes, or any type of toes at all. Nope.

Giving the phrase "sweep me off my feet" a new meaning.

If you need a way to clean the floors faster, just make sure that you wear these. You can brush your floors, your carpets... really anywhere you go from now on, you can brush at the same time.

Cowboy boot... sandals?

If you're wearing cowboy boots, they should have a closed-toe. No peep-toe booties in this world. This is taking the south way too far. No, thank you. Take them away.

See through sneakers are not it.

First of all, you should always wear socks with your sneakers. The fact that these are see-through and this person is not wearing any socks is just a big nope. Smelly feet and athlete's foot are just waiting to happen with this design.

No cowboy boot roller blades, either!

Whoever thinks that these are worth $30 is seriously tripping. This should not be on the market, nor should they have ever been created.

No pedicure? Grab these things.

If you can't grab a pedicure, why not wear these sandals with a pedicure already done for you? Although, they are absolutely hideous and should be thrown in the garbage.

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