16+ Crazy Pics That Were A First For Me


You don't need to live a jet-setting lifestyle to see all of the world's weird oddities. All you need is a decent internet connection and some kind of screen to view things on.

These pics are enough to excite, confuse, and maybe even weird out even the most jaded person — and you don't even need to get off the couch.

Stay away.

Reddit | msaif2004

Lightning strikes can spell disaster for a plane at cruising altitude, so seeing this thunderstorm just off the wing would be a little too close for comfort.


Reddit | CuteBananaMuffin

This little Sphinx statue doesn't look like much, but this is the first time it's seen natural light in thousands of years. It was found after an ancient temple near Aswan, Egypt was drained of floodwaters.

We can rebuild him.

Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

This poor eagle had most of its upper beak blown off by a gunshot, but after a little TLC, it now has a brand new composite beak.


Reddit | GabrielTheSinner

These clouds might look a little like tornados as they form, but they're unrelated to tornadic weather. Known as lenticular clouds, they happen when objects like buildings and hills disrupt natural cloud formation.

Indoor world.

Reddit | Castamelih

Airships are massive objects, and their hangars are suitably huge. This decommissioned airship hangar in Germany has been converted into a fully-featured indoor water park.

Cool threads.

Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

This is a male peacock spider, and if you're wondering how it got its name, you clearly haven't looked hard enough at this picture. It might not be understated, but that's how you attract mates in the spider world.

Leafy support.

Reddit | R4V3NR4M3N

This gigantic leaf looks like something out of the Jurassic era. It doesn't just look big and strong, either — it's sturdy and stable enough to hold a full coffee mug.

Life begets life.

Reddit | meneerth

Half of a lemon doesn't seem like a fertile place for a tree to take root, what with the lack of room and acidity. Somehow, that hasn't stopped this tree shoot from making a go of it.

All the way up.

Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

Even though I live in a cold climate, I've never seen the spectacular phenomenon of light pillars. They're caused by the reflection of ice crystals in the air, and they look downright otherworldly.

Part of the tree.

Reddit | MaxHermanos

Years ago, someone created a nice circular bench around this tree. Well, the tree continued to grow, as trees do, and now it's basically devouring the bench, one plank at a time.


Reddit | Oscienziato

The cactus on the left has evaporated, leaving a fully intact shell that you can see light through. I wonder how the cactus on the right escaped a similar fate.

So much room for activities.

Reddit | wolf8668

It looks like something from dystopian fiction, but it's just the inside of a standard cargo tank like you'd find on a big ship. It holds a ton of oil, that's for sure.

Just do it.

Reddit | origamifunction

This gecko must be a Nike brand ambassador or something, because its imitation of a swoosh is totally on point. Of course, if it's unaffiliated with Nike, it may have a lawsuit on its hands.

Helper trucks.

Reddit | xxriz3gxx

This car was getting towed when the tow truck it was on broke down. So, without even taking the car off, the little tow truck was put on a bigger tow truck, and all was right with the world.

Preferred route.

Reddit | xerikappax

That semicircular mark along the fake grass is caused by a little dog that, for years now, has had the zoomies and run along the exact same path every day.

Handy dandy.

Reddit | Trizocbs ‚Äč

Not many of us use physical maps anymore, but this piece of tech still fascinates me. Just set the scale on it, then roll it along any map to find out distances.

Weird stuff in the woods.

Reddit | killedbyboneshark

"My friend stumbled upon these trees that look like a cube of scaffolding," wrote the person who submitted this. I have no other info on the forest folk who evidently built this.

Left in too long.

Reddit | TheBlackKnightRises

Everyone knows a bottle of beer will explode if left in the freezer, but I never knew the explosion could be so weird. I'd love to see how this happened in slow motion.


Reddit | fleurdelacour29

The fastest way to the bottom of this Austrian salt mine isn't via elevator, it's by taking this slide. It looks so fun, I almost wish I was a miner.

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