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Christmas Tree Hair Is the New Holiday Trend, and These Bizarre Pics Are Taking Over Social Media

Back in 2016, a Christmas tree hair trend was sweeping the nation. As we launch back into the holiday season, the trend has returned, according to Cosmo.

What is the Christmas tree hair look, you may ask? Simple. Style your hair into a cone shape to mimic a standing tree, then place ornaments throughout your tresses.

Christmas tree hair a top trending style

Think about the bouffant craze from the ‘60s, then magnify it 1,000 times. Add swirls of color and sparkle, and then place Christmas balls, tinsel, or what have you into your cozy hair nest.

'Do, or 'do not

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How are you going to make your hair actually ‘do this?

According to a Facebook video by What’s Trending, you place a cone or bottle of water on top of your head to start the cone shape. Then get out the Aquanet (not literally the aquanet because the environment), but a hell of a lot of green hair spray or whatever festive color your want). Then trim away. According to the video, the look may have come from Cindy Lou Who from the live action Grinch movie.

Like Coneheads, but for Christmas

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Just like that beard light trend that’s whipping the holidays into a frothy frenzy, you can add battery powered lights to your strands. It looks like many are taking those sparkly Styrofoam stars that don’t weigh much and placing them on top.

Three sides to every story

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And if you want a more low-key look, you can create a mini Christmas tree in the back of your head using braids in a triangular shape.

Shine bright like a star

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The look is challenging, to say the least, and should be attempted only if you’re willing to stick out like a literal Christmas tree.

Time for Christmas-tree-shaped hats, while we're at it

And it could be tough to maintain in certain situations: in rain or snow, walking through a house, riding the escalator at Macy’s while Christmas shopping, driving a car. These are just some daily activities to take into account when you have a giant hair tree on top of your head.

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